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Malaysian restaurants good enough for Michelin Stars? We think so!

Malaysian Restaurants & Michelin Star

Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant. L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon in London. Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck Restaurant. They all have something in common – they are award-winning Michelin star restaurants.

A tasting menu at The Fat Duck, costs a staggering RM1,000! Whilst this may sound ridiculously expensive, diners are served with a selection of 14 dishes; from a strange concoction of appetisers like the chef’s signature Snail Porridge to intriguing mains such as the ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’, building up to an exciting anticipation of desserts called ‘Like a Kid in a Sweet Shop’.

Do we hear a disapproving grunt or possibly see a reluctant nod? You could be forgiven if you thought that paying RM1,000 for a meal is overpriced, but you are paying more than just the menu. At Heston Blumenthal’s, it is an experience of culinary scientific precision, serving the country’s most innovative and playful dishes.

Heston’s most-talked about dish – the ‘Sound of the Sea’, is an eating experience involving other sensory senses. Diners are presented with an iPod shuffle, placed in a shell, which they listen to whilst eating their fish – beautifully arranged on tapioca, made to resemble sand, with a light foam brushed across the plate. Diners have sworn that eating whilst listening to the sound of waves makes a difference – it makes the slices of fish actually taste saltier!

What’s Michelin Star?

Michelin Star is a hallmark of fine dining quality. It is the highest accolade a restaurant can receive. Anonymous inspections are carried out by reviewers, awarding 0-3 stars on areas such as quality, mastery of technique, personality and consistency of the food. Here’s the breakdown:

-          One star is awarded to a very good restaurant in its category.

-          Two stars for excellent cooking, worth a detour.

-          Three stars for exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey. It is also very rare with only 81 restaurants receiving the three star rating.

Malaysian restaurants with Michelin Stars

Laut, a Malaysian restaurant in Manhattan and Kai Mayfair Restaurant in London, are probably the few Malaysian restaurants with Michelin stars.

Famous for our obsession with food and our eclectic mix of food from different cultures, surely some of our local Malaysian restaurants are worthy of a Michelin Star, or two... or possibly even three!

For those of you who would love to pursue culinary or even open your own restaurant, why not join the elite Michelin team? But first, make sure you get all the advice you need from Malaysian Top Chef, Norman Musa to kickstart your culinary dreams!



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Malaysian Restaurants & Michelin Star

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