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Malaysia's top 50 CEOs are mostly engineering graduates

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A recent survey on Malaysia’s 50 largest companies has revealed that most CEOs and MDs posses qualifications in Engineering at 30%. Other qualifications held by the industry shakers include 14% in Business, 12% in Accounting and 8% in Economics.

Managing director of Korn Ferry Malaysia Reza Ghazali, who runs an executive recruitment firm, confirms that engineers and technical-minded individuals tend to have a certain advantage.

“Nowadays you can’t just think of business from a finance perspective. Growth through innovation is in play which is why engineers and technical-minded individuals tend to have the edge as they are very structured and very solutions-based. It boils down to how they are trained to be logical, methodical and to think out of the box.”

Results also show that 16% of the top 50 CEOs have an MBA.

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