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Richest people in Malaysia - Find out what they studied

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Dream of being rich and becoming a millionaire? Take a look at Malaysia’s richest people and find out what they studied.


Robert Kuok


An influential Chinese businessman, Robert Kuok’s net worth is estimated to be about $14.7 billion in 2012. He studied Bachelor Arts/Science in Raffles College and his education enabled him to build a multitude of businesses and fuelled his business interests; from sugarcane plantations and flour milling to finance and properties.  


Ananda Krishnan


Ananda Krishnan holds an MBA from Harvard University. Prior to that, he received his education from University of Melbourne where he completed his degree. He owns two of the biggest communications companies in Malaysia and has substantial shareholdership in Tanjong Plc. Ananda appreciates new technology discoveries, making him one of Malaysia’s richest and finest.


Lim Kok Thay


Armed with a civil engineering qualification from the University of London, Lim Kok Thay also attended the advanced management program at Harvard Business School. On a drive to go global, Lim Kok Thay’s Genting Group is pouring $4 billion into an unfinished project it took over in Las Vegas and plans to open next year.


Quek Leng Chan


Head of Hong Leong Group Malaysia, Quek Leng Chan is a qualified Barrister-at-law, graduating from Middle Temple UK. Just goes to show that one need not necessarily carve a career based on the area of qualification.


Lee Shin Cheng


Lee Shin Cheng is a business magnate who is heavily involved in the plantation industry. Lee owns the biggest palm oil refinery in Europe. He has a honorary doctorate degree in Agriculture by Universiti Putra Malaysia, where he is recognised for his efforts in the palm oil industry. 


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