The basics
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What career is right for me?


Want to do something different but you’re not too sure what’s out there for you? Finding out what suits you best can be a long process. Most people still struggle to find their calling after graduating with a degree.


Consider some of these important questions when you’re deciding on your course or when you’re looking for a job.


What to consider when deciding what type of work would suit you?


  • What do you enjoy studying? Academic courses, training events or learning for fun?
  • What jobs have you seen or heard of that fascinate you?
  • What advertised jobs have attracted you?
  • What topics do you enjoy talking about with friends?
  • If all jobs pay the same, what work would you do?
  • What sort of work have you done that gives you a buzz?

Follow some of these practical steps to work out what types of work would suit you


  • Analyse your skills

Look hard at your skills. What do you do well? What skills do you look forward to using in the workplace?


  • Work out your top 10 jobs criteria

Develop a personal wish list of the ingredients in your ideal job and think of the kind of people you enjoy working with. Consider your working style, values and what you’d like to achieve.


  • Focus on job ingredients

Stop looking at job titles. Ask yourself – I’m looking for a job that involves these skills and knowledge. Allow others to make creative suggestions.


  • Try a career test

There are plenty of career quizzes online that you can try out to find out more about yourself. Then combine your answers with past experiences and research on the jobs that are available in the market. Talk to others who are in the industry to clear any stereotypical views.