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Top 10 most popular study destinations for Singaporeans

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Below you will find the most popular study destinations for Singaporeans and why they are so!




A combination of fascinating heritage and cosmopolitan buzz has made the UK one of the most popular destinations for international students. The high standard of education complements a package that promises a rich experience and an excellent opportunity to enhance your career prospects. While the UK is home to some of the world's oldest and most established universities, it also boasts modern and interactive resources, which welcome around 240,000 international students every year.


Study in UK

Scholarships for Singaporeans to study in UK




Australia is a young, exciting and vibrant country, frequently listed as one of the top 5 places to live in the world. The continents raw, unexplored wildness and the modern-day Australia are well-charted and famously friendly to international students. Higher education in Australia is marked by top quality and an excellent reputation worldwide as well as being among the top 10 investors in scientific research and development in the world.


Study in Australia

Scholarships for Singaporeans to study in Australia


New Zealand

Celebrated for its stunning scenery, Maori culture and cosmopolitan cities, New Zealand has never been closer to the rest of the world. International students are able to combine study and travel, exploring the great outdoors of New Zealand. Many of its renowned universities feature in international university rankings like the Times Higher Education Supplement Top 500 and the Shanghai Jiao Tong Top 500.


Study in New Zealand

Scholarships for Singaporeans to study in New Zealand




The diversity of cultures and cities in the United States is an invitation to expand your academic horizons. The prospect of this experience and the sheer number of world-class universities and colleges are key factors that make the US the premiere destination for international students from all over the world. The US academic reputation for quality, coupled with the comprehensive curriculum offered at its institutions is valued by students and employers alike.


Study in USA

Scholarships for Singaporeans to study in USA




Malaysia is a country of contrasts and an interesting place to study. Quality of living and affordability make Malaysia a prime, hassle-free study destination for international students. Malaysia is also carving a name as the centre of academic excellence in South-East Asia, where educational opportunities are abundant. Kuala Lumpur, its capital, is a modern technologically-developed hub of business and trade.


Study in Malaysia

Scholarships for Singaporeans to study in Malaysia




Mixing cutting-edge infrastructure, a world-class education system and a dynamic cosmopolitan vibe, Singapore combines the best of Eastern and Western cultures. Singapore's status as a leading finance, business and education hub with a colourful multi-cultural heritage allows for a unique learning experience. A number of international institutions and top-ranked global universities are ready to welcome you with open arms.


Study in Singapore

Scholarships for Singaporeans to study in Singapore




Ireland's cultural richness, breathtaking landscapes and the welcoming nature of Irish people are known throughout the world. It has a long tradition of educating scholars from abroad, mostly attracted by Ireland's established tradition of prolific literature, a truly true ode to love and nature. Growing numbers of international students choose Ireland to fulfil their potential every year.


Study in Ireland




Situated in a key geographic location, The Netherlands serves as gateway to Europe and a hub for business and international politics. It also offers international students a welcoming multicultural society, affordable education and a wide range of degrees available in English. The Dutch education system is interactive and focuses on teamwork in a diverse environment, which makes it easy for anyone to meet fellow students from all backgrounds.


Study in Netherlands




One of the world's most modern nations, Sweden is a beautiful, cutting-edge country with an abundance of natural beauty and wildlife, and an inclusive free-thinking culture. Sweden is the birthplace of many successful international corporations and is also home to the most respected academic award, the Nobel Prize. Its education standards are widely recognised. Its teaching encourages individual research and study: you are encouraged to think independently and develop your knowledge in a challenging environment.


Study in Sweden


Hong Kong

Hong Kong

With English readily spoken throughout Hong Kong, students from abroad feel instantly at home in this bustling region where opposites infuse with each other at every turn; whether east and west, tradition and innovation, or rural greenery and urban city, Hong Kong is a truly unique product of its varied history and location as a gateway to China (of which it is independent). The region is more than well-represented in official world rankings of universities, and continues to establish itself as a centre of commerce and business.


Study in Hong Kong


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