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What your study destination says about you

study abroad destinations

Studying overseas and choosing where to go will be a life changing experience. What city you choose to go will give you a hint of what you’re like as a person. So here’s our funny take on your study abroad choices…

Sydney, Australia

You’re impulsive, fun and consider yourself a surfer, even though surfing isn’t that big a sport in Malaysia. If you’re smart, you’ll probably apply to New South Wales to avoid doing heavy work and carry on your dreams of surfing. If you’re not so smart, you’ll apply to University of Sydney and work long hours because that’s where all the smart kids go.

Melbourne, Australia

You’ll probably find yourself telling people that Melbourne is the cultural centre of Australia. You’re career oriented as you even have big dreams of working in the city after graduation. However, getting a work permit may be tricky.

Auckland, New Zealand

You care enough about your reputation as an individual that you didn’t want to apply to the Australian programmes as they are a bit too conventional. You enjoy sailing and some of the expensive hobbies that only people from privileged backgrounds are accustomed to. Ironically, you’re deathly allergic to kiwis.

Christchurch, New Zealand

You often talk about how big city life moves too fast and wonder how depressing it must be to be lonely in a place where everyone’s busy with their own daily chores. This will also be your option if you’ve applied too late into universities.

Stockholm, Sweden

You’re infatuated with the inner workings of the Nobel Committee and with learning how the government of Sweden and the Swedish monarch operate hand-in-hand. If you’re a guy, you’re probably more interested in meeting all the tall, blonde Swedish girls.

Florence, Italy

You’re doing a major in history and you’re dying to let the inner crazy twin surface and do some wicked dance moves in the club. You’re studious yet fun and enjoy having the best of both worlds.

London, England

You have a favourite English team that you may pretend to care about and have probably grown up watching My Fair Lady, expecting to meet your perfect British life partner during your studies here. You’ll be in for a shock, but after a while, like everyone else who’s been to London, you’ll fall madly in love with the city.  

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