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Study abroad : Latest News

Student Insights: Africa Rising

With the launch of a digital campus and a development plan to roll out student services on the African continent IDP Education is aiming to respond to the needs of students in Africa.

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With the multitude of benefits that studying abroad can have for students and the number of options available, it is no surprise that the interest of prospective students on the African continent continues to grow. While this extends to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, there is a slight bias towards the latter, with students who have already achieved a degree qualification constituting in the region of 60 per cent of those registering their interest in overseas study.


A definitive trend is that students are conducting a significant level of research prior to making their decision to study abroad and choice of institution. The research is primarily focused on subjects, courses, programmes and degrees, with a significant proportion of students also searching for scholarship and financial aid opportunities.


Certain qualifications certainly display high levels of interest, with programmes in the fields of engineering, health and medicine, business and management, applied sciences and computer science topping the search queries. This is also true of the destination countries students are aiming to study in, with the United Kingdom, the U.S., Canada, Australia and Ireland proving particularly popular.


There are locations on the continent that show significant activity amongst students aiming to kickstart their study abroad journeys. Of particular note is the strength of interest from Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, Sudan, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe.  A critical element that characterises the initial student journey is the use of mobile technology and devices to conduct research and transactions.


This means that anyone aiming to assist students on their academic path must by necessity be digitally agile and responsive.  This is something that IDP Education has taken to heart with ongoing digital transformation and development to serve the needs of international students.


CEO of IDP, Andrew Barkla, has noted the essential need to continually innovate and develop digital capability for the benefit of users and clients alike. The launch of the Digital Campus in Chennai is indicative of this commitment, with tech professionals developing key services to support students and keep pace with technological developments.


Further, IDP has begun to open new offices in countries around the world, including three new sites in Pakistan, to facilitate students with their academic ambitions with a range of key services, from academic counselling and planning, to application through to enrolment. IDP has turned its attention towards Africa and acknowledged that students on the continent would benefit from having student services more readily available, in addition to a robust online presence.


If you’re a student in Africa with your eye on international study you’re in the right place. We’re here to support and guide you with a wealth of resources. Why not register with us today, search for courses and explore your options?



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