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Best Student Cities 2013 results revealed

Find out which cities were named the Best Student Cities in 2013.

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Can you say that you’re studying in one of the world’s best student cities? Or do you have one of these cities in your sights for the future?

QS recently published their rankings of the 50 best student cities, with Paris coming out on top for the second year in a row. They were closely followed by London and Singapore in second and third place respectively. Melbourne, Sydney, Boston and Hong Kong – all of which we list as study destinations here on Hotcourses Abroad – rounded out the top ten.

These rankings are based on a combination of key factors which include reputation of local institutions; the quality of student living; the perspective of graduates by employers for sourcing new talent; how affordable these cities are to live in (as well as the tuition fees for local institutions); and what proportion of the student community are from abroad.

While London scored 100 for the quality of their universities, it was the city’s affordability which allowed Paris to slip through and claim the top slot for the second year in a row. Other countries that scored top scores in categories include Melbourne for their student community and Singapore for their employer activities.



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