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Shanghai Jiao Tong Rankings 2016: China and Australia improve positions

The latest ARWU Rankings results reveal institutions in Asia Pacific are gaining ground


The University of Queensland had a strong year reaching 55th up from 77th in 2015



While there is not much change at the top spots of the table, the 2016 ARWU Rankings have shown that universities in China, Singapore and Australia have all notably improved their performance.


For the first time there are six Australian universities in the top 100 and Chinese and Singaporean institutions also now feature in the top 100.


Top Chinese institution, Tsinghua University, came in at 58th position, while the National University of Singapore reached 83rd.


Australia is now third behind the US and the UK and consistently top performing institution, Melbourne, reached 40th place.


The University of Queensland made huge improvements on its position: 55th up from 77th in 2015. Next is Australian National University (78) followed by new entry Monash (79). The University of Sydney reentered the top 100 this year (82) and the University of Western Australia still just made the top 100 but fell to 96th from 87th.


At the top end of the table the US claims eight of the top 10 spots once again. Harvard retains its title as the number one university in the world, followed by Stanford, University of California, Berkeley, Cambridge, MIT, Princeton, Oxford, California Institute of Technology, Columbia and University of Chicago.


In the top 20, one Swiss university (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, 19) and one Japanese university (University of Tokyo, 20) make the cut.


The ARWU ranks 500 universities from across the world based on six performance indicators including award-winning alumni and staff, highly cited researchers and papers published in Nature and Science.


See the full ranking here.

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