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Shanghai Jiao Tong Rankings 2017: Canada and China climb positions

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There were some interesting and notable shifts in the 2017 ARWU Rankings, with Canada and China showing some impressive strides.


Of the four Canadian universities listed in the top 100, McMaster University made a huge jump from 83rd in 2016 to 66th in this year’s results, surpassing McGill University, who had actually moved down four places from 63rd place in 2016 to 67th position.


Toronto University increased their position from 27th to 23rd, while the University of British Columbia jumped to 31st position from 34th last year.


Last year Tsinghua University came in at 58th position, making it the highest entry for a Chinese institution. This year, the institution has made a 10-place jump to 48th position.


Closer to home, Cambridge University made it to the top three, taking 3rd place and nudging the University of California, Berkeley down to 5th position. Though there are little shifts within the top 10, there were no new entries to this group.


Though the National University of Singapore improved its ranking last year, the institution suffered a slight decline from 83rd to 91st position. Also noticeable was the shift for Japanese universities.


The University of Tokyo, which previously stood at 20th place, has moved down to 24th position, whilst Kyoto University has had a slight shift down to 35th place from 32nd.


Australian universities remain somewhat stable in their positions with The University of Melbourne moving up one to 39th place and Monash University increasing their standing to 78th from 79th. The University of Queensland retained their 55th position.


The ARWU Rankings are comprised of 500 universities across the world that are ranked based on six performing indicators. These include award-winning alumni and published papers.


View the rankings in full here.