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Become an International Student Ambassador for Hotcourses

Read about the Hotcourses Student Ambassador project where students can earn money by collecting reviews from international students.

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UPDATE: Please get in touch with Paul Ellett to find out more about this scheme currently. We're always looking for current, past and future international students to write blogs and provide photos & videos, in addition to collecting reviews.


Here at Hotcourses Abroad, we've launched a brand new initiative to source international student ambassadors on campus....with a very enticing incentive for them.

We're looking for (domestic and international) students on campuses in our 10 study destinations, as well as graduates, to collect reviews from international students. In return, you can earn upwards of £300/$500/AUD550/RM1640 in cash or vouchers.

Sounds simple right? That's because it is!


The role

Student reviews are crucial to our site because our users read about the experiences of others when considering where to study themselves. These reviews include what an international student enjoys most about studying at their university or college; how helpful and supportive the staff and professors are; what there is to do outside of class; challenges they have overcome; how studying there has contributed to their career goals; and any advice that possible future students would value or should know.

As a student ambassador, all you have to do is collect reviews from international students, using copies of our review card and then upload them to the site. Tell us when you have reached one of the targets below, for which you will receive the corresponding amount.


The reward scheme

30 reviews= £50/$83/AU$93/RM275

+30 more reviews = +£100/$166/AU$186/RM550

+40 more reviews = +£150/$250/AU$278/RM828

Total = 100 reviews for £300/$500/AUD550/RM1640


*We can either offer you your reward in cash via money transfer or cheque, or in Google Play/Amazon/iTunes vouchers.


Some basic rules

  • Reviews must be from international students only.
  • Reviews must be authentic – we have a thorough verification process to check this.
  • Reviews must be high quality and meet our standards – we will brief you on what we consider a quality review.
  • Student ambassadors can be either domestic or international students themselves. If a student ambassador is an international student, it is their responsibility to ensure that any work they complete for us does not conflict with the terms of the student visa that they are currently on.


Why you should become an International Student Ambassador for us

  • You can earn amazing rewards, really simply and quickly (which is really useful when living on a student budget).
  • It's easy work – just think how many international students you must pass everyday on campus (plus you can collect reviews from international students who are enrolled at other universities and colleges).
  • It's excellent experience to add to your CV for when you graduate
  • You can fit collecting reviews around your academic and extracurricular commitments
  • It's a great entry point to work with us in the future on other fun projects


What to do now

Please get in touch with us before collecting any reviews so we can find out a bit about you and brief you fully.

Get in touch with Paul Ellett if you are interested in becoming a student ambassador and collecting reviews for us.

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Paul Ellett is the editor for Hotcourses Abroad. His role is to plan, produce and share editorial, videos, infographics, eBooks and any other content to inform prospective and current international students about their study abroad experience. When he's not thinking about student visas in Sweden and application deadlines, Paul is an avid fan of comedy podcasts and Nicolas Cage films.