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Recognise a few familiar faces? You may have heard or seen of these popular Singaporean dudes on television, Internet, radio or magazines in Singapore and internationally. Check them out!



Art Fazil

If you were a 90s teenager, you would surely remember this hip award-winning English and Malay singer-songwriter and his folk rock band called ‘Rausyanfikir’, that was formed with then classmates Esham Jamil and Mohd Khair Mohd Yasin.


The band wrote songs about cultural preservation and social consciousness in the midst of modernisation, and even won an award for their song ‘Dhikir Fikir Fikir’ in the Best Local Malay category in 1997 awarded by COMPASS.



Art Fazil moved to London shortly afterwards and started gigging at countless ‘open mic’ venues such as Ain’t Nothing but the Blues, The Rock Garden, etc. He also performed at universities in Kent and Manchester, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


His album ‘Nur’ which involved a collaboration of Singaporean, Malaysian and Indonesian artistes won 4 out of 7 nominated awards at Mediacorp’s Anugerah Planet Musik 2001.


During his time spent in the UK, he has completed a postgraduate course at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and then later on a ‘Business Music’ course at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London.



If you’ve seen Jack Neo’s ‘Ah Boys’, then you couldn't miss heartthrob Joshua Tan. With his horde of adoring female fans following him around the island city, going away to study at the Monash University in Melbourne for a couple of years might have felt more like an ‘escape’ from the spotlight for the 23-year old.


Though while he was pursuing a degree in Journalism and Communications, he still regularly flew home to do ‘celebrity’ stuff, such as to take part in last year’s National Day parade and make other scheduled appearances, especially promotional events for the ‘Ah Boys to Men 2’ movie.



Despite all that, he still managed to score several distinctions. Well done, Joshua!



If you’re a YouTube addict, you would be familiar with this feisty duo, Munah and Hirzi.


Hirzi Zulkiflie makes up half of the popular comedian-duo with his side-kick Maimunah Bhagharib, who declared themselves as the King and Queen of YouTube after gathering more than 20 million views and over 93,000 subscribers to their channel MunahHirziOfficial (MHO) within a span of 6 years.


Their hilarious skits such as the infamous ’10 Dares’, take place in public places (starting off in Singapore, and since then, they have gone international), which are basically dares that they each had to do, usually involving unsuspecting members of the public. They also did short skits discussing current issues from domestic foreign workers to fasting tips, which many would find hilarious, though they have also managed to raise a few eyebrows.


However, their wide and loyal fan-base successfully had landed them their own television series on Suria nonetheless, and they have also collaborated a show onstage with Singapore’s famous and well-loved comedians such as Kumar, Gurmit Singh and Selena Tan.


Though the best friends met while they were back studying in polytechnic, Hirzi is currently studying at Chapman University (Singapore), which involved a 6-month internship in LA. However, despite distance, there was no stopping this feisty pair as videos kept popping up on YouTube, including a surprise visit from Munah during Hari Raya this year.




Fashionistas would surely recognise this famous glamour and contemporary fashion designer Ashley Isham, a Singaporean who is now based in London. Though his label was formally set up in 2000, he gained widespread media attention after Zara Phillips wore an outfit designed by him to the Royal Ascott in 2002.


He rose to international fame after taking part in the Autumn/Winter 2003 collection during Fashion Week, became the official designer for the BAFTAs in 2004 and shortly set up his flagship boutique, Ashley in 2005.


His showcase has since gone international, with models displaying his designs on the catwalk in various countries. He is currently in collaboration with Lee Hwa Jewellery in Singapore, showcasing an elegant, flamboyant and stylish couture, which is synonymous with his label.


Ashley Isham had originally left Singapore in 1996 to take up a pattern-cutting course at the London College of Fashion, and then later on went to obtain a degree from Middelsex University.



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