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Thailand crucial market for international student recruitment

Aaron Porter examines Hotcourses data on Thailand as a source market for international students

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Hotcourses is delighted to publish the first source country report, providing in-depth analysis on prospective international students from Thailand. As the international student recruitment landscape becomes increasingly competitive, universities across the globe are increasingly looking to diversify the countries they recruit from.


With over 940,000 prospective students from Thailand researching international study in the 14 month period of this report, it provides a hugely valuable and important market information for universities considering how they might access this market. Informed by the Hotcourses Insights Tool, which has captured searches from over 30,000,000 global users since November 2014, this report focuses on the students from Thailand who have been researching internationally with specific breakdowns including their countries of interest, level of study and preferred subjects.


Thailand itself has performed well in the last year for maintaining the numbers of international students travelling overseas, managing to break into the top 10 for the United Kingdom (replacing Canada), and has solidified its position as the fifth most popular source for international students in Australia.


According to the report, students from Thailand are much more likely to be searching for Business and Management courses (27.9% of searches) compared to the global average of 16%. Of the searches that were undertaken just over 60% were undertaken from Bangkok. Thai students were most likely to be searching for courses in the United Kingdom (33.8%), followed by the United States (21.7%) and Australia (18.1%).


Aaron Porter the Director of Insights, Hotcourses and author of the report said: “This report provides the most in-depth, detailed and timely understanding of the prospective international student market from Thailand. Given the increasingly competitive landscape for international student recruitment, having real time data to inform recruitment strategies is crucial. Thailand has proved to be a resilient market for sending students overseas, and as universities across the globe are seeking new markets to build their pipeline of future students Thailand is an obvious choice to investigate.


“Having a detailed and granular understanding of the Thai market including where students are based, what subject and level of study they are looking for will prove to be a valuable resource for anyone wishing to better understand the international student recruitment landscape. Whilst the UK remains the most popular destination that Thai students are researching, the United States is growing its share of searches, closing the gap on the UK, since the tool was launched in November 2014.”


To see the Thailand report in full click here

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Katie Duncan is Editor of Hotcourses Abroad and is an NCTJ-qualified journalist and University of Exeter graduate. Having worked at an English language school in the UK, as an educational consultant in Spain and as a reporter in the international education sector, she is well placed to guide you through your study abroad journey. Katie grew up in Australia, which perhaps explains her unusual reptile collection, comprising of a bearded dragon (Bill) and tortoise (Matilda).