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5 pains of being a Malaysian student abroad

going abroad

Here’s a funny take on what you have to endure if you’re thinking of going overseas.


  • Visa applications

They are a pain and you end up having sleepless nights. But once you’ve got that all important visa stamped on your passport, all that worry – they’re worth it!


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  • Holding back tears – lots of it

There’ll be many goodbyes with families, friends, pets and even to inanimate objects like your bed and favourite mamak. And we can assure you, that there will be a lot of tears. They’ll come so often it’s like turning on the waterworks. Just remember that it may seem hard saying goodbye for now, but there’s a big adventure waiting for you on the other side.


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  • Skimping and counting pennies

Not everyone’s got loaded parents. And if you’re one of those whose parents had to save to send you overseas, then you will have to keep a close eye on your spending. You might have to forego that yummy meal in the restaurant or the lovely dress, and end up eating instant noodles in your dorm. Whatever it is, it’ll only make you stronger and help build your character.


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  • Trying hard to blend in

The first month won’t be easy. You’ll find it difficult making friends, adapting to a new culture and coping with studies, all at the same time. This will however, get better. And once you’re settled, that’s when the fun begins!


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  • Feeling cold

It’s different when you’re away on holiday, experiencing winter. It’s new, you love watching the snowflakes – everything’s so exciting. In reality, things are different when you’re experiencing the cold season for 3 full months. You struggle to walk to campus and probably end up slipping, you wear 4 layers of clothing and still shiver uncontrollably and all you want to do is hide under the duvet. 


Cold weather, warm people



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