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Clothing hacks just for college students

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Struggling on a measly college budget and can’t afford to be buying new clothes every month? That’s alright. Read our guide here to find out these super nifty hacks for your clothes!


1. De-Pill Your Clothing Using A Razor.

After you’ve run a razor over your clothing, use tape to pick off any left overs.


2. Use a Hair Straighteners As a Collar Iron.

Don’t have the heat too high or leave the straighteners on the fabric too long or you may cause damage… and a fire.


3. Fix A Stuck Zipper With Candle Wax, Crayons or Vaseline

Interesting right? Check out the full tutorial here.


4. Stop Your Fly from Opening.

Use an elastic band, a keychain holder, or buy an actual Zip Holder.


5. Use Shaving Foam To Remove Make-Up Stains.

We recommend washing the clothing after you’ve covered it in shaving foam though.


6. Attach Something To The End Of Your Pyjamas Ties To Stop Them From Disappearing Into The Hem.

A safety pin may a bit stabby, so we recommend a button or a thick hairband.


7. Widen Tight-Fitting Shoes By Filling Them With Water.

It may seem really strange, but placing water (in a ziplog bag) inside your shoes and then putting them in the freezer overnight will expand them so they fit your feet perfectly.


8. Use A Straw So You Never Lose Your Hoody Strings Again.

You’d only need an inch of straw, there’s no need to have the whole string covered in straws.


9. White Wine Removes Red Wine.

It really does! Check out the tutorial here for more details.


10. Window Cleaner Will Also Clean Patent Leather.

Just spray and wipe.


11. Talcum Powder Removes Oil Stains.

Apply the talc to the area and leave it overnight.


12. Cold Water And Vinegar Will Remove Stains.

This mixture will remove stains from leather without causing any damage.


13. Pull On The Fabric Around A Thread To Pull It Back Into Place.

Alternate between tugging at the sides and top and bottom of the loose thread.


14. Washing Up Liquid Will Remove Oil Stains.

The Dawn brand is also gentle on your clothing.


15. Cover Sneakers In Baking Soda To Remove Odours.

The baking soda will soak up any sweat that’s on your shoes. Gross, but true.


16. Clear Nail Varnish Will Stop A Button Falling Off.

Avoid sewing the button back on right now with this quick fix.


17. Use Clear Nail Polish To Tighten Sunglasses.

If your sunglasses’ arms a little loose, dab some nail polish on the hinge until you can get your hands on a tiny screwdriver.


18. Hairspray Will Remove A Lipstick Stain.

Spritz hairspray on the lipstick stain and let it settle for a few minutes before putting the item in the washing machine.


19. Put Your Jeans In The Freezer To Remove Odour.

The cold will kill all of the stinky bacteria without fading your denim.


20. Stop Sweaters Shredding By Putting Them In The Freezer.

Leave the sweater in the freezer overnight and there’ll be no more shedding!


We hope that these clothing hacks have helped you in salvaging your clothes and made things a lot simpler!


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