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Going to university is not just about education. It’s also a huge leap into being a responsible adult (since you’re leaving home for the first time!). But to avoid you being boring Jane, we’ve compiled a list of things that you must do whilst in university! Go on – let your hair down!



  • Organise loads of house parties. Crank on the music, get the drinks, invite people you know, people you barely know and people you don’t like! You’re in university - let your hair down!


  • Date someone. Anyone! Do you know that the highest rate of inter-student marriages in Britain belongs to Durham University (around 72%). 


  • Study in the library all night. Sleep in it if you have to.


  • Establish yourself – have a nickname, be famous for something. The comedian perhaps?


  • Apply for jobs and internships. Even the horrible ones. You need the cash and experience. 


  • Pull an all-nighter when assignment deadline’s the next day.


  • Get involved with as many societies as you can. Attend every event possible.


  • Do something silly for charity.


  • Play a crazy prank on your housemate. He won’t be pleased, but you’ll laugh over it for at least the next 10 years!


  • Make your student bar and union your second home!



  • Represent your university. Be it at football, cheerleading, game shows, fashion shows – you name it.


  • Get your lecturers something nice as a thank you gesture. A teaching job can sometimes be thankless.


  • Go dancing till wee hours in the morning. You’re still a student – have fun!



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