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Food world tour: Dishes you MUST try when studying abroad

They say food is an international language; you better hear what they have to say after trying these tempting authentic dishes...

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Fish and chips

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This is a mainstay of British cuisine. Cod, haddock, and or plaice are dipped in batter then deep-fried and then served with chips. Mushy or green peas and tartar sauce often accompany this dish.



Bangers and Mash

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This dish is made up of mashed potatoes and sausages. Bangers are sausages in England. The reason sausages were nicknamed bangers is that during wartime rationing they were so filled with water they often exploded when they were fried.




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A pasty, is a baked pastry that has a D-shape from being folded over and crimped with often meats and other fillings inside. Many varieties of pasty are around now, but the most well known is the ‘Cornish pasty’.




Chicago-style Pizza

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If you love a topping filled and thick crusted pizza, then you must try a Chicago-style pizza. The deep dish pizza surrounds loads of toppings and sauce with a thick fluffy crust.




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 This is a classic in American cuisine and can be found just about anywhere. With millions of different combinations of buns, burgers, cheese, toppings, spices and condiments, you are guaranteed to find something you like




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This is a popular summer favourite in America when it is grilling season. It is a pork sausage set in a bun with traditionally ketchup, mustard onions and relish and maybe a pickle.




Hamburger with beetroot

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You can eat burgers all over the world, but nothing is more Australian than slinging a piece of beetroot on top a patty made with Aussie beef. This addition of beetroot is distinctly Australian and they are quite proud of it.



Green chicken curry pie

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Australians love Thai food. They also love pies...a lot. Put a Thai chicken green curry inside a pie casing and you get the Aussie version of a green curry.



Meat pie

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Even though there are many different versions of this Australian staple, typically the flaky goodness is paired with mashed potatoes and gravy. It is a hardy meal that is meant to fill you up, so be hungry.



New Zealand

Marlborough green-lipped mussels

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New Zealand has some of the best seafood, but in particular Marlborough green-lipped mussels are world renowned for their health benefits. However scallops, Bluff oysters, and whitebait are also popular seafood in the area.



Roast lamb

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New Zealand lamb is held in high esteem throughout the world and is one of the country’s top export meats.  The dish is enjoyed most often flavoured with rosemary and plenty of seasonal veggies.



“Hokey pokey”

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The people of New Zealand have a real sweet tooth and love their desserts. This is a creamy vanilla ice cream strewn with pieces of honeycomb and is the nation’s favourite. 




Apam Balik

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This is a folded pancake style dish stuffed with sugar, peanuts, and the occasional addition of corn. This dish is constantly evolving and you can have it many different ways.



Nasi kerabu

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From the state of Kelantan in the northern peninsula of Malaysia, nasi kerabu contains blue rice which is from telang flowers, which are crushed and mixed into flour. The aquamarine dish is topped with bean sprouts and fried coconut, then drenched in spicy budu, a fermented fish sauce. 



Mee goreng mamak

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This Indian Muslim dish is the complete package. Yellow noodles, beef or chicken, shrimp, soy sauce, veggies and eggs and a bit of chilli tossed in for a delicious kick.


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