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How to spend your Mid Semester Break?

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Everyone always plans what they are going to do over the 3 to 4 months long summer university break. Thus, people usually spend less time thinking about what they are going to do over the short 1 week break in the middle of the semester which is also known as a mid-semester or mid-term break. Knowing this, we at Hotcourses have come up with some ideas of how you can spend that short break.


Catch on your readings

Yes, you cannot imagine studying during your short break. However, many students use this 1 week break to catch up on their readings. Work tends to pile up over the short seven to eight weeks of the first semester. So this is the best time to catch up on your studies and lecture readings. You can always make it fun by studying the subject with your friends!


Doing your assignments

Some assignments will probably be due when the mid-semester break ends. So obviously, you should use this time well to complete your assignments. Make an appointment with your professors if you have any queries about the assignments so that you will have a better picture of what is required of you.


Preparing for Mid-semester tests

Yes. Some lecturers actually set tests the week after the mid semester break so you should make full use of the break to prepare for your tests.  However, the mid semester term is not entirely just doom and gloom for you. We also have some tips on how you can brighten up your mid semester break.


Take a short holiday

Take a road trip around Britain if you are studying in the UK or you can do the same in Malaysia too. Alternatively, you can go to neighbouring countries in the Southeast Asian region if you are studying in Singapore or Malaysia or do the same around Europe if you are studying in the EU. Budget flights have now made it easier for students who are on the pinch to travel for cheap.


Visit your family

If you are studying overseas, the mid semester break is the best time to cure your home sickness. Go back home and visit your family. Alternatively, your family can also come down and visit you. You can then be their personal tour guide bringing them all over the country thus killing two birds with one stone.


Catch up with old friends

You get to make new friends when you enter university. However, entering university would mean going apart from your old ones. The mid-term break is the best time for you to rekindle your friendships with your old friends. Call them up for a get together and get ready for long hours of conversation.