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How to stay inspired on a creative course


All creative people sometimes feel like they’ve run out of ideas and struggle to find inspiration. Creative courses can be demanding and it’s tricky to produce so many unique pieces at one time. Here’s how you can help to ensure the constant flow of ideas and keep the creative blocks at bay.


Be open minded

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Don’t limit yourself by just browsing the internet. Look around you, take a walk in your city or park, visit the museums or sit out under the sun with your sketchbook. Note down and draw whatever that you find interesting as you may find them helpful and important later. Just give it a go!


Take a break

There’s no point sitting at your desk while racking your brain for an idea if you know that you’ve run out of one. Step away from work and have a breather. Go for a walk for some fresh air to clear your head and gain some perspective. Sometimes, going away for an hour or so and coming back later, will open your eyes to what’s been missing so that you can move on to the next step.


Be experimental

Don’t limit yourself by staying within a box. Push yourself and even if it feels strange, you might end up discovering something brilliant. Take some time to work in a completely opposite way to what you’re used to. For example, instead of working on a large scale, restrict the size of your work and see what possibilities you can come up with, or if you love using paint, challenge yourself to use the pen or doodle away. Experimentation is key.


Research extensively

There’s a world of creativity out there to inspire you. Whether it’s film, fashion, music, photography or art, look to something that you wouldn’t normally do and you might be surprised with the outcome.


Ask your peers

Instead of just seeking help from tutors, ask other people on your course. Getting a pair of fresh eyes to look at your work can help see your project in a whole new perspective. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Do what suits you

Some people work better at the last minute, you on the other hand, might work best at night. Find what’s best for you. There’s no need to fit into a mould. Do what suits you best and you’ll find that you’ll become more productive and motivated with work. Give yourself a structure and a routine to keep your work ongoing.


Have a night off

Allow yourself to let your hair down and go on a night out to release stress. A night of pampering, relaxing or spending time with friends will motivate you to start afresh the next day.


Stay positive

Avoid hanging out with negative people who love to tease or put you down. Stay positive by surrounding yourself with friends who challenge and help each other out. Also, never make excuses when things get difficult. Never give up and remember that perseverance is the answer to success. 


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