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Now that the summer has arrived, get your 'to-do' list ready to invest your time constructively.

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As the summer air breaks through the freezing frost of winter, we come to a long summer break. It is ideal time for you to enjoy with your family and friends and to work on building your portfolio to achieve your future goals. Summertime can be an ideal time for you to begin your professional or academic endeavours or to do something you love; I have similar plans for myself! Here are some of the things I have on my mind for this summer.

Summer Internship

One of the best ways to invest your summer for a better future is by getting an internship. Many multinational firms and smaller companies offer internships in a wide range of professional fields that are available to students entering the professional world and seeking to gain work experience.

Internships are an excellent way of gaining work experience, skills and knowledge that will significantly boost your employability and give you exposure. To read about internships in further detail, click here. The fact that most internships are paid is another incentive for students to consider getting an internship or placement during summer time. These internships can last from one to three months, which gives you flexibility to fit all your plans and commitments in your schedule.

Take a Vocational Course

Summer is an ideal time for learning a new skill or craft. There are many short courses run during the summer period in all sorts of fields of work and study. I am thinking to take a photography course during this summer, to give me insight on using my professional camera to the best of its capacity and give me the essential skills for Photoshop.

There are interesting short courses for baking, sewing, handicrafts, painting and many more that you can choose from. If there was a craft or skill you always wanted to master, now is the time to do it!


Short Trip

Summer is incomplete without having some time off from work and studies to relax and cool off the exhaustion of the whole year. If your routine has been too tough to accommodate exercise in it, start now. Take a spa break with your friends or hit the beach with your mates. Make sure you take a break and enjoy before the next year arrives with its fair share of work and studies.

Do not forget to make the most of student and advance booking discounts on travel, hotel booking, shopping and beyond.

Career Events and Fairs

If you are currently studying for a degree or planning to do so in future, it would be beneficial for you to attend career events or job fairs to have a better idea of what the job market is like at the moment. You can find out about potential employees, talk to them about your degree and future options.

If you are in your final year of study, you can also drop in your CVs to the employees. It is always a great idea to be well informed about the current situation of the job market as it helps you pick the right courses, learn the right skills and make attractive applications for employment. Career Fairs are also a good place to build your network of contacts!

Summer Work

Getting a specialised internship in your field of interest can be difficult due to the competition in the job market but do not forget that any work experience is valuable! This is why summer jobs can be a good idea. This would help you earn extra cash while you study and build your skills and experience to boost your future employability.

Prepare for Further Education

While you have time in summer, figure out a plan for your next degree for higher education. Being a final year Undergraduate student, I am planning to have references and personal statement written for the Masters applications and to figure out my final university and programme choices. Preparing well in time would save your time later during your term time and give you the chance to focus on your academics. This would also save you from any last minute crisis!

Get your Adrenaline Flowing

While the summer lasts, I plan to go for Bungee Jumping. This is one thing I had always wanted to do for leisure and adventure. Other great activities that you can consider include sky diving, snorkelling, scuba diving, flying lessons, rafting and many more.

Learn a Language

Multilingual professionals are high in demand in the current job market as multinational firms begin to function in different countries where having an additional skill of speaking the local language can be beneficial. Some of the most rewarding languages to learn are Mandarin, Spanish and French. To find out further details about language courses, click here.

As the summer approaches, have your to do list ready.

Happy Summer Season!


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