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Are you already half way through a course in college or university only to realise that you might be on the wrong course? Here are some of the tell-tale signs that confirm you’re on the wrong course and that you should probably consider switching courses …


  • You cannot understand

You find yourself struggling to understand the concepts presented during lectures and tutorials despite spending a lot of time reviewing your notes and asking for help from lecturers and other students. If you’re working very hard and still can’t get your head round the subjects you’re studying, ask yourself if you’re still keen to continue learning? Of course, we don’t advise you to give up too soon if you’ve just started.


  • You fail or barely pass most or all of your subjects

Instead of re-sitting for exams over and over again and spending money semester after semester on courses that you keep failing, ask yourself if you’re still as passionate about the course when you first started. If you feel that your interests have shifted or changed into other areas, would it be possible for you to transfer your credits onto a different course without wasting too much time or money?  You must enjoy your studies and feel the hunger to learn and succeed because at the end of the day, you don’t want to end up working in a field that fails to motivate and drive you further. To be successful, you must be happy with yourself to improve your level of confidence.


  • De-motivated in spite of achievements

If you’re not feeling pleased although you’ve been getting good grades in your exam, then this is a problem. Scoring in your papers and still not feeling any satisfaction is an indication that you’re not feeling fulfilled with your choice of education route.



Ask yourself…

If you find your course overwhelming and feel somewhat depressed with the way things are going, ask yourself what you dislike about the course. If it’s just one subject that you’re unable to handle, then this may be just a short term problem. Speak to your lecturer to find out if you can change that particular subject or just rough it out.

Those who would like to change their course should consider changing within the same university as there would be less hassle and you’ll probably keep to your budget with the new course. You might even save on some fees. Keep in mind that changing courses could lead to a longer time to complete your studies and you might have to start from scratch, including getting used to your new environment and friends.



Choosing the right course

  • Never feel pressured by parents or friends when choosing a course. Take their advice but ultimately, the decision is yours.
  • Talk to a student counsellor who will be able to guide you towards the right path with the various university and course options available.
  • Talk to other college students or lecturers to find out what exactly they study or teach on a course. Even better, speak to people who have graduated from the course to see how well they have done for themselves.


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