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Stop making excuses!

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Let’s admit it – students have an excuse for every little thing. From not attending classes and failing a module to missing a deadline. Instead of being caught lying or getting the occasional ‘I don’t believe you’ frown, how about just stop making excuses and start stepping up?


Sleep early

Can’t wake up on time for a lecture? Or do you nod off in class? Simple – just go to bed early. Leave the socialising and partying for the weekends. Plan your study schedule wisely so that you’re not rushing through assignments in the middle of the night. Chances are you’re not even giving it your best shot if you’re feeling tired.


What assignment?

Have your forgotten your deadlines again? Carry a planner or download one of those apps on your phone so that you will be reminded of your assignment due dates. Stashing pieces of paper in your folder might be a good excuse for forgetting, but, with technology reminding you, there shouldn’t be any more excuses.


Use your laptop

Don’t just reserve it for assignments. Take it to lectures and tutorials. Type whatever the lecturer’s saying. This will ensure that you manage to grasp all the important information rather than playing catch up if you’re trying to write everything down.


Plan interesting activities in between classes

It’s sometimes difficult to motivate yourself to go to class. No one likes a whole day’s worth of lecture and the waiting times in between. It gets tiring. So why not plan something interesting in between? Arrange to meet friends at the student bar or organise a short meeting with your astronomy club members. When you know that you’ve got something fun to look forward to, you’ll likely want to go to campus.



How about walking or riding your bike to university? A little exercise before class will get your adrenaline pumping and you’ll feel more awake. You won’t feel sluggish and make excuses about skipping the next lecture because you really really need a nap.


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