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Top 5 Raya Tips for Students

Raya celebration in Malaysia

Most of us are already well on our way through Hari Raya and have probably celebrated with loads of friends, families and relatives. Whilst this is a time to celebrate the rich Malaysian culture and heritage and enjoy your holidays, they must not be your only priority. Think how you can make the most of this beautiful holiday season as a student. Follow our top 5 Raya tips for students!


1. Learn to cook from your mum

There’s bound to be plates and plates of Malay delicacies, from Nasi Impit and Lemang to Ketupat and Rendang. Instead of letting your mum toil away in the kitchen, covered in flour, butter and spices, why not help her out! Not only will you pick up some of the family’s secret ingredients and recipes, but you’ll also be able to cook better when you’re at university (forget about takeaways!), or improve your skills if you’re thinking of becoming a chef!


2. Spend quality time with family

It’s easy to forget sometimes, that family’s the most important people in our lives. Most of us prefer spending time with friends, purely because they’re a lot more fun and never nag, unlike our brothers or sisters or even parents! But, make sure you spend some quality time with your parents and siblings, because when you’re spending months and years away in university, whether you’re studying locally or abroad, you’ll feel homesick and realise what you’re missing.


3. Put your ‘duit’ Raya aside

We all look forward to getting ‘duit’ Raya – admit it, you probably have sneakily excused yourself to the washroom to check how much your aunt or uncle has given you! Make sure you don’t spend all your money on shopping. Save it! Who knows, it would probably come in handy when you’re thinking of travelling, say in the UK, during your university holidays.


4. Remember – SAFETY FIRST

We often hear of sad tragic stories during the festive seasons, from car to fireworks accidents. Be sure to practise caution at all times. You can have all the fun in the world, but, never jeopardise your future and risk the heartache of your loved ones with dangerous activities.


5. Pick up some fashion tips

The malls, streets, restaurants and even homes transform into a catwalk show with bright coloured baju kurungs, intricate-looking baju kebayas, beautiful sarongs and cute-matching outfits displayed by different families. It’s a sight to behold! Of course, there’ll also be others who stay away from the traditional outfits and opt for skater dresses and low-baggy jeans with pretty accessories. Now, did we say that Hari Raya is also a time for fashion?  


We were brought to tears with this video about Hari Raya and the importance of family. They’re after all our past, present and future. Enjoy and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitry!


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Raya celebration in Malaysia

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