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Study abroad : Once you arrive

Top reasons you should join clubs and societies in university

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From astronomy and belly dancing to rowing, there’s a society that’s perfect for you and it’s a great way to meet and make new lifetime friends.

No lonesome nights

University life can be lonely, especially the first couple of months. You’re in a new place and it’s hard making new friends at this age. Going to a weekly society meeting will give you a regular routine so that you get out of the house and meet like-minded people outside of your course. Being part of a society will also enable you to contribute towards something that matters to you.

Learning outside lecture halls

Learning doesn’t need to take place in lectures and tutorials. There’s a lot you can learn within a society. If you’ve always been interested in the stars but didn’t think you’d make a good astronomer, now’s a good time to join an astronomy club to pursue your hobby. If you’re more of a party person, the dance society might suit you better. Not only will you be able to cook up a storm on the dance floor, you’ll be shedding some pounds too!

Character building

Many graduates say that they regret not joining a club or society in university. Being a member equips you with essential marketable skills. They look good on your CV, particularly for those who hold positions or are responsible for certain tasks. On top of that, you learn to solve problems, interact with others, work as a team and learn to have fun.

Tips to know which society suits you best

Fresher’s fair is your best chance to find out about the wide range of societies on offer. University College London has up to 229 societies that can be viewed on the union’s clubs and societies directory. But, you can only truly learn if the dinosaur appreciation society is for you by visiting their stall. Make sure you:

  • Get to know the members and ask questions.

  • Take some of the many freebies available, even if you decide not to join.

  • Collect as many brochures as you can so that you can go back to your dorm to read more.

  • Sign up to as many societies as you wish. You can always pull out later.

  • Finally, even if you’re feeling lazy and would rather snuggle up in bed, make the effort of going to the initial meeting. You won’t regret it!

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