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Wherever you are, travelling is a must although you are on a tight student budget. This is because you have longer holidays and you are still free from commitments. Here’s how you can go on holiday with little money…


Travel with friends

Apart from feeling less lonely, you will also be able to share the costs which might work out cheaper. Sharing rooms, booking in groups and even splitting the bills for meals will stretch your money further. However, be sure that you can get along with these people so that you do not end up spending all of your holiday bickering with one another.


Snag cheap flights

Get on Skyscanner and compare the prices for all the flights. Alternatively, regularly check on budget airlines’ websites for promotion and cheap deals. It is essential that you shop around before booking a flight.


Be flexible

If you have made up your mind on travelling to Greece but found out later that flights are not that cheap, try to search for other beach holidays in other countries. Often, you will find that there are other nearly similar holiday destinations that offer the same sort of experience that you are looking for. The key is to be flexible to snap the cheapest deal.


Wangle cheap insurance

Insurance may seem like a luxury if you are already saving up every penny for your holiday. But, you will be kicking yourself when you end up in the back end of beyond with no hope of getting home. Get an insurance that covers you for basic health treatment or find out what other available options there are.


Consider hostels… they are not that bad

 They might seem dodgy and remind you of what horror stories are made of, but hostels are really not that bad. Avoid the ones with dingy rooms or those located in back alleys. There are some good hostels that are clean, friendly and sociable. Sites like HostelWorld or HostelBookers are great places to start searching.


Download travel guides

There is no need to spend on expensive travel books or guides. You can download them online or even go straight to the tourist centre when you get to your destination. Bring a small phrase book with you if you are going somewhere that uses a foreign language. You can also download a free travel app to help you navigate and not get lost.


Travel overnight

Getting  from one place to another during your holiday can swallow quite a bit of your budget. Opt instead to travel by bus and choose an overnight journey. This way, you would be able to travel cheaper and save on one night’s worth of accommodation.



You are a student and the best way to travel cheap is to backpack. Plan your holiday on a shoestring, try couch surfing or consider visiting foreign relatives. Although this means giving up some luxuries, you will be able to see more places. 


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