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Why students should do yoga


University life is stressful and it’s vital that students try to lower their stress levels as much as they can. One of the best ways to do that is to practise yoga and here’s why…


The world doesn’t revolve around you

Our thoughts are always centered around us. I am hungry, I want this, I don’t like that… it’s all me, me, me. Being too focused on yourself can be the root of all misery. The more you think about what you do not have, the less happy you’ll be. Yoga reminds you to direct that internal obsession to the external obsession of others. The more you prioritise helping those around you, the more at peace you’ll feel with yourself.


Makes you feel strong

Using your body to improve health reminds how capable you are. You don’t need people to depend on. You can carry your own shopping bags, move your own furniture and walk on your own. You don’t feel limited by your physical self and that is a great feeling to have. You feel more confident and empowered.


Reminds you to breathe

There must be a lot of times when you’re close to losing your cool, either because you’re rushed off your feet or someone’s made you angry. Instead, yoga teaches you to take a deep breath, remain calm and to react to aggression with peace. This will improve your relationship with people around you and with yourself. The more you connect to your breath, the clearer you think.


Helps you deal

In life, a lot of things can go wrong. Life’s not fair and that’s just part of the human experience. Although we can’t control the complications of life, we can control how we deal with and react to those situations. Meditating helps you to cope better.


Connects you to the divine

When you feel lost, yoga’s teachings has the answer. The calmness and peace that you feel will take away any ill feelings or sadness. You learn to accept things as they are, focus on what’s really important and accept that you may be upset, but never let those feelings take over. Yoga makes you a better person.


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