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The basics
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5 tips on choosing the right flatmate

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1. Get to know them as much as you can

First things first is to know who you are and then find the right flatmate that would mesh well with your personality and lifestyle. You don't wanna clash with someone who's going to live with you and who you will see everyday. Make sure you are firm on what you want as you don't want things to go bad in the long-term. Finding a flatmate is both a process for you, and a process for that flatmate, so take your time so you can make sure you find a compatible flatmate.


2. Find out their history in being a flatmate

Ask about their background and history in terms of living with other people. Ask them why they are moving out. Make sure you keep your ears open and listen to them incase there are any red flags. Ask them questions related to how courteous and considerate they are to other people to see if they are someone you think you can live with.


3. It's flatmate hunting not speed dating!

Don't move in with someone you are attracted to! You are looking for flatmates, not your future partner! Being attracted to your flatmate can cause a lot of problems and if things don't work out everything could definitely get complicated and oh-so awkward! Choose someoene else to live with you but then ask the one you're attracted to out on a date. ;)


4. Create rules you both will agree on

Come up with house rules and regulations that you can both agree on. Living with someone requires compromise, so you need to learn how to give and take. This will create a harmonious household.


5. References

Ensure you get references and other relevant information to ensure that everything they have told you is true. You don't want to later find out that you're living with a criminal or an ex-con!


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