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The basics
Study abroad : Student Accommodation

Homestay while studying

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There are a lot of accommodation options when you study abroad such as hostels and shared houses. But, have you considered homestays? Homestays allow students to live with local families and this can be a lot of fun. Here’s why...


Foster family

Being away from home can be a difficult experience – you’ll miss your mum who asks you how your day’s been or even your little disagreements with your sister. A homestay allows you to live with a family and experience family life. You’ll have a father figure, a foster mum you can share your problems with and enjoy the occasional banter with the siblings.


Adopting new cultures

Living with locals can provide you with an authentic cultural experience. You’ll learn what a local eats, their habits and daily practices. For instance, in Japan, families don’t start eating until their parents sit at the dining table together. This is a sign of respect, which is interesting to know and learn if you’re studying in that country.


Less worries

Think you’ll struggle when you go abroad for studies? Every student is bound to face some sort of difficulties in the first few months to a year, depending on how independent they are. With homestays, you won’t have to worry about your next meal or calling the plumber to fix a broken pipe. Everything is sorted out for you by your host family and the best part is, you’ll get to focus on more important stuff like your studies and the fast approaching assignment deadlines.


Picking up a new language

Whether it’s English, Chinese or Portuguese, you’ll inevitably pick up the language if you live with a family that speaks its native tongue. Instead of spending loads of money on language classes and learning online, you’ll end up learning words that are used daily.


Cheaper costs

Homestays can be relatively cheaper than other types of accommodations. Normally, it would include meals, laundry facilities and some light cleaning services.


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