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Study abroad : Student Accommodation

Stay in university accommodation for a great student experience

student accommodation

Moving to a new country to begin the pursuit of higher education is one of mixed emotions – both exciting and intimidating – will I fit in? Will it be easy to make friends? Questions of many kinds may cross your mind and it can be a roller coaster ride! One good way to ease into the transition is to settle in an environment that provides the essential support for a fresh student and that’s where university accommodation comes in.


Most universities provide places for first-year students in their university accommodation or sometimes refer to as halls of residence. In most cases, students will be guaranteed accommodation if they firmly accept their offer by a given date. A great place to make friends and be part of the social scene, staying in university accommodation is a quick way to break the ice.  


To have a better picture of what university accommodation is all about, the University of Bristol is a good place to start. The university offers a variety of accommodation (approximately 4,000 residential places; catered and non-catered); some are located within the city centre or near parkland with magnificent views across the Avon Gorge. For this article, let’s look at Badock Hall, a catered hall located in a wooded campus at Stoke Bishop, approximately two miles from the main university precinct.


Badock Hall offers 441 rooms with communal bath/shower rooms on each floor. There are ten en suite rooms and accommodation units are split into floors of up to 13 rooms, each with a small pantry area. Living at Badock Hall means the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of facilities, including:

  • The Terrace room with quiet study areas, a computer room and Freeview TV
  • A grand piano and electric grand piano in the Dining Hall
  • Music Practise Room
  • The legendary Badock Bar with bar games, high quality sound system and a DJ Booth
  • Tennis and squash courts
  • Table tennis and snooker room
  • Secure bike storage and limited permit parking (pre-booking only)

See how the accommodation looks like by visiting the University of Bristol website.


 “My experience was amazing. I made some of my best friends there. I enjoyed spending time in the shared areas and our not always successful attempts at cooking together. The main thing I loved was that there was always someone around to chat to”.

Emilie, Fifth year, MB ChB Medicine


If you are just starting to look at university accommodation, here are some TIPS you might find helpful:


Research – Search, compare and shortlist your choices on Hotcourses Malaysia. Visit the university website and download the university prospectus (free) to know what type of rooms are available and at what costs. Bear in mind that glossy photos can be misleading, so try to get insights from friends who have stayed there or read testimonials from student forums.


Watch your budget – Always check and compare the prices; remember that en suite bathrooms will push the prices up, so it’s good to prioritise. However, don’t forget that the decision to study abroad is about opening up to new experiences, so try not to sweat the small things.


Cover the big question – All girls, all boys or mixed? We know mixed-gender accommodation is not for everyone, so it’s important to make a mental note to make sure you choose the right halls.


Catered or non-catered – There is no right and wrong to this but rather what appeals to you. For example, catered students don’t have to concern themselves with grocery shopping, cooking or doing the dishes but if you enjoy cooking your own meals or have a special dietary requirement then perhaps non-catered is the way to go.


We hope you find this article helpful, and best of luck in finding the right university accommodation!