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Responsibilities of a scholarship recipient


When you apply for a scholarship, you must be prepared to carry out a set of responsibilities as a scholarship recipient. You’ll receive funding for your education and in return, the university will expect you to fit certain criteria. While some scholarships are renewable, it’s even more important that you qualify the requirements to keep receiving the award. Here are some of the things that are expected of you…


You need to be a model student

To make sure that the university renews your scholarship, you have to maintain a minimum CGPA. Getting good grades and being top of the class are expected of you. It also goes without saying that you should not get into any sort of disciplinary problems.


You are expected to participate in events

The university will have a variety of functions throughout the year. It could be welcoming a famous ambassador, helping to organise events or being the face of your institution – whatever task that’s given to you, you are required to participate actively and with full commitment. Consider this as work that enables you to continue renewing your scholarship.


There’s almost always a bond

Usually the best scholarships, especially the ones that sponsor everything, come with a bond of employment that could range from 2-10 years. Some may view it as a bonus as it means guaranteed employment upon graduation. Others, may see it as a disadvantage as they may prefer to work elsewhere or in a different industry. While you can opt to get out of the bond by paying your sponsor, it’s a lot to consider as this will involve a huge sum of money. Whatever it is, it’s wise to not turn down a scholarship just because you’re not happy to be tied down. Try asking if you’ll be allowed to work in other departments if you’re not exactly interested in lecturing.


You must be a juggler

You’ll find that your responsibilities are far greater than other normal students. While they only need to focus on studies and have a lot of time for social activities, you’ll find that your time needs to be evenly split among a few activities. From study groups and mentoring sessions to welcoming new students and holding important positions in various organisations, it could get a bit stressful. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, see all these as opportunities for you to grow, with a firm training platform for you to learn to juggle your workload. 



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