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Study abroad : Student Finances

Find a scholarship on Hotcourses Abroad

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Finding financial help for your studies abroad can be like trying to find needles in a haystack. In Hotcourses Abroad we have a large database of scholarships offered by universities abroad in a broad range of subjects and qualification levels. Find here some guidance on how to search for scholarships on our site:


Search for scholarships

Scholarship search box

You can select your nationality and find scholarships targeted to your specific country of origin. You can also filter your options depending on the country where you want to study and the qualification level you are applying for.

Additionally, you can select from the links provided below the search box if you want to have a bigger picture of what is available.


What’s the next step?

Scholarship results

Once you have made your search, you will have a list of results on the page. Here you can check the list of scholarships offered by an institution and contact the university directly. If you want to find out more about the institution, you can watch a video of their campus or you could visit their website.


Scholarship details

Scholarship details

Once you have selected a scholarship, you can click on the link and find more detailed information about the scholarship such as the awarding body, application requirements, deadlines, amount awarded and contact details if any available.


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scholarship articles

If you want to find useful tips about scholarships such as how to apply successfully for grants or information about scholarships offered by government agencies, you can check our latest scholarship articles on the right hand side of the scholarship page.

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