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The different types of lawyers. Which one do you want to be?

Different types of Lawyer

Are you considering a degree in law but you have no idea what your job prospects are? People are often clueless on the types of lawyers there are out there in the marketplace. Hence, they doubt their choice of degree in law since it’s also a course which has a higher entrance requirement compared to other courses. Here we provide you a list of the types of lawyers that exist today. No doubt there are countless more, but these are more than enough to open up your eyes to see the endless job prospects in the world of law.


  1. Criminal Lawyer

A criminal lawyer is also known as a criminal defense lawyer and public defender who defends individuals, organizations and entities that have been charged with a crime. The caseworks can be anything ranging from speeding to murder. The work nature of a criminal lawyer is that your work will often be instructed at short notice.

Part of a criminal lawyer’s job scope is to investigate the case and interview witnesses, research case laws, statutes, crimes codes, procedure law, build a defense and develop a case strategy.


  1. Employment Lawyer

Applying for a job is never as easy. Sometimes applicants face discrimination from their future employers – and that is when employment lawyers come in. Employer lawyers are people who will fight a potential employer to demand for what’s right for their future employee. Employment lawyers work to better the country’s work force by giving equal opportunity to everybody. Part of an employment lawyer’s job scope is to advise both companies and individuals on all legal issues concerning employees and the workplace


  1. Family Lawyer

All things revolving around family matters fall under the umbrella of family lawyers. The different types of family lawyers are:

  • Divorce lawyers
  • Child custody lawyers
  • Marriage lawyers
  • Domestic violence lawyers
  • Adoption lawyers

A family lawyer can handle everything from divorce to child custody issues. They are the jack of all trades, and master of them all. Hence, to be a family lawyer you will need to have a broad range of knowledge about all the different types of laws which fall under this umbrella.

Part of a family lawyer’s job scope is to solve family disputes, help abused victims of domestic violence to obtain restraining and protective orders,  give parental rights to adults who are adopting children, and also to divide the tangible assets of their divorce clients, and many more. 


  1. International Lawyer

Instead of people, an international lawyer’s clients are countries. International lawyers solve disputes between provinces and different countries. You will handle issues ranging from international waters, lands…etc. International lawyers have to go through intensive training in the laws of many other different legal systems because every country has different laws. International lawyers usually solve very large and highly publicized cases.


The types of lawyers stated above are nothing but different from each other. But one thing they all have in common is law degree. A degree in law is the most fundamental foundation all lawyers have to take and know. Something in this article sparked off your interest in law? Find out which college and university offer law as a degree now. 


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Different types of Lawyer

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