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Study abroad : Student Finances

Top 10 money saving tips for cash strapped students

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We’re all aware that when holidays and festive seasons come peeking round the corner, students start counting their pennies – trying to figure out if their budget allows them more frequent nights out, drinks, food feasts and more shopping! So, if you’re wondering if your tight budget will stretch enough for you to buy a new red top, all in the spirit of Chinese New Year of course, and still pay for your rent, here’s a checklist on how you can save money!


Tip #1 - Cycle

Are you going to spoil yourself with a meal and forget about cooking at home? Instead of spending £8 on travel, why not cycle? It’ll save you so much more money, which justifies you eating out, and also makes good exercise. You’ll also be saving on a gym membership!


Tip #2 – Get a job in your favourite shops

This is a no brainer. If you’re a big fan of the Body Shop, get a job there. You’ll get great staff discounts. Or choose to work in shops that offer 50% staff discounts like New Look, Republic, Lush, Greggs… the list is endless.


Tip #3 – Apply for store cards

Fill your wallet with various store cards; if you’ve got a Tescos, there’s no harm in applying for Sainsburys and Asda. The Nectar card allows you to collect points when you’ve done your weekly food shop in Sainsburys and also in Homebase (amongst many) if you’re keen on DIY. Those points can be turned into lovely treats and rewards.


Tip #4 – Keep those receipts

Think they’re pesky? Think again. How many times do you purchase a pair of trousers because you’ve got to really really have it, only to go home and realise that you’ve got something similar? Or do you find it less attractive at home than when you wore it in the shop? Hold on to those receipts – you’ll be able to return goods purchased if you changed your mind.


Tip #5 – Get condoms for free

There’s no need to pay for condoms or pills. Visit Family Planning clinics or your GP – you’ll be able to get them for free.


Tip #6 – Look out for yellow stickers

You know the aisle that you avoid because they’ve got yellow stickers on them? Wrong move! If anything, you should be shopping for food with yellow stickers. Contrary to stereotypical assumptions, those food haven’t gone bad – they’re either getting close to the sell by date or look less presentable because the box has a little dent. We guarantee that you’ll end up saving a lot more.


Tip #7 – Charity shops

They’re not just tatty shops with torn, soiled items. Charity shops are the new cool shops. A good hunt will reveal some very expensive designer handbags (Victoria Beckham gave away thousands of pounds worth of designer clothes to her local charity shop). You could even save £8 on a book and get one for only 50p.


Tip #8 – Get a part-time job

There are loads of interesting part-time jobs that you can apply for. Some of them won’t take up too much of your time and can be quite interesting. Check out some of the cool part-time jobs available.


Tip #9 – Never use pay day loans

Feeling a bit tight? Never ever go to pay day loans to make ends meet. Interest rates are sky high and while your actual cost of borrowing may be manageable, you could end up rolling debts from week to week until it snowballs to epic proportions. If you need monetary advice, contact the National Association of Student Money Advisers.


Tip #10 – Check Hotcourses Malaysia regularly

We’re always giving tips and advice to students on money, relationships, education, travel… you name it, we’ve got it. Visit our website regularly or tell your friends about us. If you’re lucky, we also run competitions so you could be our next lucky winner!


If you have any tips, share them with us below.

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