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Best textbooks to prepare for IELTS


Improve your IELTS Writing (Macmillan)

Although this is one of the older books, it’s highly recommended to students who wish to focus and improve on their writing. This book thoroughly covers all the different types of writing that IELTS students need to use. The best part of this book is that students can use this for self-study if they don’t have the time or money to attend additional writing classes. There are a lot of essays in the book, although it’s highly recommended that students write the essays and send them off to trained instructors to mark for feedback.


IELTS Introduction (Macmillan)

Students who are able to communicate in English a little, but are not advanced enough for the intermediate level, should use this textbook. IELTS Introduction get students acclimatised to simple grammar and vocabulary before moving on gradually to more complex sentences and structure. If you’re studying in a group, the IELTS Introduction is a good choice and perfect for students with 4-0-5.0 IELTS scores.


IELTS Foundation (Macmillan)

Students should use this textbook after they’re done with IELTS Introduction. IELTS Foundation has been available for years in different editions, and has a varied range of topics, grammar and vocabulary. While some of the grammar points are quite challenging, this book explains them so that it’s easier to understand. Explanations are straightforward, clear and simple.


Speaking for IELTS (Collins)

If you have problems with pronunciation, this book is the answer to your problem. Thee pronunciation sections are useful in helping students to improve fluency. The textbook comes with a CD with a lot of IELTS questions and sample answers. This is a great tool for self-study and there’s no need for a teacher’s guidance. This book should be used together with other students to help improve your speaking score. To see better results, make sure to speak in the speaking section. For those who have set a bar high and wish to score 7.0 and above, this is the book for you.


Objective IELTS Intermediate (Cambridge)

Cambridge runs the IELTS test and this book contains ideas that are different and have never been seen in other textbooks. There’s a balanced relationship between strategy and skills, and with a lot of practice, students can get high scores. The only downside is that this book doesn’t focus much on writing, but it’s still good to use this with another writing book. Take a closer look at the grammar section as it’s one of the most useful sections.


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