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Don’t be a lawyer ‘buruk’! Enrol in a top law school.

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Lawyers may be well respected in Malaysia, but because of some incompetent ones, other lawyers end up getting a bad reputation. To make sure that you receive the best law education for a solid background, choose to study in one of the world’s top law schools.


Yale University, US

Yale Law School offers five degree-granting programmes. They are the J.D programme, the LL.M. programme which is a one year course of study for students who have completed their law degree and are interested in law teaching, the J.S.D programme that is open to Yale Law School LL.M. graduates, the M.S.L. programme which is a one year course of study intended for experts in other disciplines who want to explore how the law relates to their fields and finally, the Ph.D. in Law that is designed to prepare J.D. graduates for careers in legal scholarship through three years of supervised study. On top of that, Yale Law School also offers joint degree programmes and welcomes a limited number of visiting researchers and students each year.


New York University, US

New York University School of Law offers perhaps the broadest, most diverse and dynamic programme in international law and global governance of any school in the world. The faculty is unsurpassed in the depth of its knowledge and engagement. The curriculum is unmatched in the strength and variety of international and related course offerings, from human rights to trade, finance and investment to environmental law, transnational dispute settlement to international legal theory.


University of Cambridge, UK

Cambridge is generally accepted as having one of the strongest law faculties in the country. As well as covering the core subjects’ constitutional and administrative law, contract, criminal law, equity, EU law, land law and tort – which you will read wherever you study law in order to gain full exemption from the academic stage of the Bar and the Law Society examinations, Cambridge offers you the opportunity to explore very diverse areas of the law, from French law to medical law and from labour law to law and philosophy.


University of Melbourne, Australia

Law in University of Melbourne gives students a very exciting and challenging experience. It offers insight into the worlds of politics, business and public affairs, as well as the role of law itself, and leads to a wide range of careers. The Melbourne Juris Doctor is a popular programme, which leads to admission to legal practice in Australia and can be used as a basis for seeking admission in many overseas jurisdictions. This is a versatile qualification that is well regarded by a range of employers. Graduates will find jobs in consulting companies, financial institutions, non-government organisations, aid organisations, merchant banking, human rights, journalism and the media.


Advance Tertiary College, Malaysia

Better known as ATC, the college is the largest private law school in Malaysia. ATC is recognised by the University of London as one of only six institutions in the world to receive their 150th Anniversary Excellence Award. The college’s students are testament to the institution’s top quality education as they produce world class results year after year.


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