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How would you fare in Management?

Interested in studying Business? Why not specialise in Management, where you'll have many options available to you? The management of people and resources occur in many scenarios, and you can be the one to lead. How would you do in the world of

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If you’re heading in the direction of a career in Business, why not go that bit further and aim for a position in Management? While a degree in Business covers a broad range of areas fairly well and is a strong pre-requisite, a postgraduate qualification like an MBA will vastly improve your prospects in this competitive field. But would you suit a course or a career in Management? Do you have the following traits already? Do you....?


Have an insatiable desire to know everything?

Are you someone who has to know every aspect of a process or area? Do you constantly want to learn more, even when you don’t necessarily need to? This is a great quality to have even if you sometimes bug those around you with your questions and desire to be hands-on. In this business world, it’s a lot better than being difficult to approach or ignorant of what takes place under you. If you understand every aspect of a business you’re involved with, you can appreciate every individual’s roles and communicate with them on better terms. Plus, if you have your hand in many areas, you’ll be seen as someone who is accessible, open to ideas and who respects everyone in a group, company or organisation.


Always questioning everything?

This doesn’t mean you’re always cynical. But are you someone who needs to fix something at all times? Are you someone who always asks: ‘Can things be that bit better?’ If you have an eye for the minute details which make a great idea a superb idea, Management might be for you. If you are constantly asking questions, you keep those around you on their feet and more likely to adopt your attitude to work.


Consider yourself a problem-solver?

Are you someone who – when the moment requires it – gets down and dirty to solve a problem? Does the idea of shoving your head in the sand to ignore a problem make you shudder? Not everyone wants to be the one to solve a problem; it can be tempting to give the responsibility to someone else. But if you’re someone who rolls up their sleeves and works until a problem no longer exists, then you’ll be the kind of figure who people will want to follow.


Spread yourself across many areas?

Those who study Management often go into many areas, not just business. Many put their degree and skills towards looking at how organisations are structured and function. Everything has an organisation to it, otherwise there would be chaos and nothing would get done. For example, national services and non-profits have a structure to them, and these must run efficiently in order to accomplish their overall aims. If you’re someone who takes an interest in many or specific fields or areas, you most certainly won’t be limited to what you can achieve and where you can go. In terms of career options, you can either find yourself working in-house or as a freelance consultant for a range of companies, groups and bodies. 


So, would you make a strong contender in Management?


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