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Is the teaching profession for you?

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Do you look up to your teachers and think that you would make a good one yourself? Is the teaching profession for you? We interviewed Dr Benny Khoo, principal of Benny English Language Laboratory to find out what makes a good teacher. Here’s what he has to say...


Do not be fooled into thinking that you’ll be given a step-by-step training that will prepare you adequately to face a class of teenagers. There is no manual for teaching and no college or university will teach you to teach well. Welcome to the real teaching world!


Teachers are not told what to do in class where prescribed text book could not be used. Instead, educators have to learn to adapt, modify and adjust in order to reach out to students. At times, it’ll seem like you’re groping in the dark.


Yes, there are short courses, seminars and workshops to help teachers improve but you’ll often feel they only provide a slight insight to your teaching problems. And you’re quite right!


The important factor to bear in mind is that you’re dealing with the human mind and every single individual is different. There are no two minds which are alike, though in certain circumstances, may appear similar. Teachers unfortunately are not dealing with machines which basically are the same, except for some modifications. We’re not engineers that after the briefing, would have many problems under our control.


Every student is different, every class is different and every school is different. Once teachers understand and accept this underlining factor, you can strive to improve your skills and do the best you can. Teaching is only frustrating when you fail in this vital area.


Teaching is challenging, interesting and fulfilling. What would teaching be if every student is the same? It will be boring and monotonous.


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