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Top 3 journalists to follow on Twitter

journos and twitter

Want to break into journalism and learn from the best? Then set up your Twitter account and start following some of these top journalists on social media…


Kadija Patel

With nearly 10,000 followers, Patel is a talented live-tweeter from South Africa. Her style is tight, often coming in short of 140 characters but dense with information. She’s not afraid to reach out and ask followers for help with definitions or leads.


Ravi Somaiya

From the London bureau of the New York Times, Somaiya has live-tweeted each of the Julian Assange extradition trials and their inevitable appeals, drawing the online equivalent of applause from other journalists. His lightning typing and discerning intelligence mean that only the interesting bits get tweeted. Number of followers, nearly 9,000.


Steve Herman

With just over 20,000 followers, Herman is the Voice of America chief for the Korean peninsula and Japan. He was also the voice of the Japanese earthquake and Fukushima disaster, often tweeting stories and leads a full 24 hours before other news organisations. In a multilingual zone, it’s all the more challenging to understand what’s being discussed.


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journos and twitter

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