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Who should study culinary?


The world of pots and pans is not for everyone.


We may argue that the French are the world’s best food connoisseurs, but Malaysians are not lacking in the department either. Malaysians are so obsessed with food – we search, discuss, argue and hunt (not literally) for food at the best of times. Our first topic of conversation is ‘Have you eaten?’, we meet friends at Mamak places, Yum Cha is a routine, in fact we drive 4 hours to get from Kuala Lumpur to Penang for the famous Char Koay Teow. With such love for food, and of course coupled with the passion for cooking and preparing delicious dishes, culinary degree is one of the best options for a Malaysian student.  


Being a chef can get stressful in the kitchen, dirty and even painful if you’re not careful! Some of the traits a great chef in making should have are creativity, passion for food and cooking, good business sense in producing quality food that is cost effective and efficient and great attention to detail.


Here are some of the other traits required if you want to pursue a degree in culinary arts.


i)You must be thick-skinned

Your job is to make sure that customers are happy and that you serve them the most delicious food. However, there will be times when you get complaints, even when you are a top chef in a 5 star restaurant. You must be open to criticisms without having your confidence knocked down, and most importantly actively seek to improve your skills.


ii) Teamwork

Running a kitchen and preparing food to go out at such a rapid pace require everyone to work as a team.



Not only must you be a quick-learner, you must also be able to juggle between peeling a pineapple, cutting a chicken, carving a lamb and taking orders.


If you think you have what it takes to be a great chef, find out what a culinary degree is and search for more culinary courses now.

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