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5 reasons to study Actuarial Science

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What is Actuarial Science?

In case you don’t know, actuarial science is the discipline that assesses risk in insurance, finance, and other industries and professions by applying mathematics and statistics.


Reasons to study Actuarial Science:


1. Top Ranked Job with High Salary

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Actuaries are very high in-demand in the job market, so it is easy to get a job as an actuarial scientist. Not only that, it provides one of the highest pay for a fresh graduate. Don't believe me? Click here to see the Top 7 paid jobs in Malaysia. 



2. Job Security


Since it’s a job that’s very high in-demand, companies would ofcourse want to keep people with this profession.


3. Real Problem Solving

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Actuarial science is suitable for those who like to rely on cold hard facts to solve a problem. With that being said, besides using mathematics and statistics, you need to use economics, finance,  risk management, computer science, and extensive research to solve crises. Using all these tools will keep your mind constantly stimulated so it means you will never get bored.


4. Critical Thinking

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Even though you need concrete information to solve a problem, most actuarial challenges are almost never by the book! So this is when your creative and critical thinking comes into play as you need to think far out of the box to solve some difficult problems. This challenges your mind and will stretch your thinking process, keeping your mind sharp at all times!


5. Feeling of contentment

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Since most of the work of being an actuary are very challenging, you will feel very satisfied with yourself when you are done with a task or assignment. Challenges are always fulfilling to overcome!


Therefore, studying actuarial science is a job that is very high in-demand that nets you a high salary! Besides that, you don’t need to worry about job security as you will always be needed due to how useful the profession is to companies especially to certain industries. Also, actuarial science will always be exciting as you will be solving real problems that challenges your mind, hence honing it consistently and constantly! Additionally, since the job is challenging, you will always go home knowing that you did something worthwhile!


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