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10 cheap Sydney eats for international students

Sick of the daily meal plan? Want something tastier than ramen? Check out our guide for cheap, delicious grub in Sydney here.

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Sydney draws people from all around the globe and the food scene accurately reflects this multicultural city. Struck with the sudden craving for spicy tom yum that don’t compromise on flavour and heat? Or have a longing for nasi goreng with rich spices? Even regular Aussie favourites such as meat pies with quality brisket can be found for cheap. There is a stall that will cater all these delicious goodies at a decent price, you just have to know where.


Ayam Goreng 99

KINGSFORD 464 Anzac Parade 02 9697 0030

If you’re Asian, or a spicy food lover, this place is a must. Here you’ll write down your order on a notepad and then you can dig in to their Indonesian specialties- ayam bakar (grilled chicken), beef rending, nasi goreng (fried rice) and more served in banana leaves.

CHEAP DISH: Ayam goreng bakar $6 - Smoky and succulent charcoal-grilled chicken, decide between either breast or thigh.



HARRIS PARK 4/14-20 Station Street East 02 8677 0033 chatkazz.com.au

Having special eating requirements like kosher, vegetarian or halal can be difficult. This place serves up rich, flavourful dishes bursting with spices, that even a non-vegetarian would love. They have everything from Mumbai street snacks to crispy thosai crepes.

CHEAP DISH: Chhole bhatura $9.90 - Punjabi chickpea curry with a giant pouf of deep-fried bread.


Do Dee Paidang

HAYMARKET 9/37 Ultimo Road 02 8065 3827 dodeepaideng.com.au

Always filled with hungry Thai university students, they offer deep-fried school prawns, banana flower salad and their world-famous specialty- tom yum noodles.

CHEAP DISH: Do Dee Monster $4.90 – With a level one spiciness (they have seven levels) signature spicy tom yum noodles.


Hai Au Lang Nuong

CANLEY VALE 48 Canley Vale Road 02 9724 9156

The best time to visit this place is during the weekends. They bring out the street-front barbecue with whole fish wrapped in banana leaves, charcoal grilled organic chicken and roasted sweet potatoes to finish your meal. Good and delicious Vietnamese grub.

CHEAP DISH: Deep-fried lemongrass bean curd $10 - Quivering tofu in a crispy shell with lemongrass and chilli.



LAKEMBA 30B Haldon Street 02 9740 3589 jasminsrestaurant.com.au

Have craving for some Turkish food? Here at Jasmins, they specialise in falafel. Pair them with lamb kebabs, chicken, tabbouleh and dips. For breakfast, you can try their foule- a garlicky fava bean puree.

CHEAP TIP: Falafel $8 - Brittle shells and a fluffy centre. Six makes a bargain.


Jonga Jip

EASTWOOD 87 Rowe Street 02 9858 5160

Are you a fan of Korean food and not just Kpop? Be sure to drop by Jongja Jip (they’re also located in Epping) if you’re in the area. Choose and cook your own Korean marinated meats at the tabletop charcoal grills. You can even order the bossam​ for DIY pork belly wraps in Chinese cabbage with kimchi.

CHEAP DISH: Mulmandu $10 - A hulking serve of 20 boiled pork and chive dumplings.



KINGSFORD 482 Anzac Parade 02 9662 1236

Want authentic ramen? Their ramen broth is made with pork bone, making it rich and extremely delicious. Try out their Black ramen noodle soup if you love garlic.

CHEAP DISH: Chicken wing gyoza $6.80 - Stuffed with the same pork mince filling found in dumplings.


Menya Mappen

Sydney 11/537-551 George Street 02 9283 5525 mappen.com.au

Need some distinctly flavoured, refreshing Japanese food?  Menya Mappen (also located in Bondi Junction) is a Japanese canteen that specialises in udon and soba noodles cooked to order. Seating is communal and you are expected to return your tray once finished.

CHEAP DISH: Bukkake ontama udon $4.90 - Chewy noodles, soft-boiled egg and a bonito soy sauce broth.


The Pie Tin

NEWTOWN 1A Brown Street 02 9519 7880 thepietin.com.au

Got a craving for pie? Here at The Pie Tin, all their pies and tarts are handmade on the premises. This eatery also serves spirits, so you can down your chunky beef with wine or cider. Don’t miss their peanut butter and chocolate tart for dessert.

CHEAP DISh: Slow-roasted beef brisket pie $7.90 – Filled with chunks of tender hickory-smoked beef and mushrooms enclosed in flaky pastry.


Tan Viet

CABRAMATTA 2/100 John Street 02 9727 6853

Oh who doesn’t love chicken, in any shape, form or the way they are served. For fantastic crispy skin chicken, visit Cabramatta. This family-friendly joint is also located in Canley heights and Eastwood. Pair the crispy skin chicken with dry egg noodles that has been tossed with fried garlic oil.

CHEAP DISH: Crispy chicken $9 – Mouth-wateringly good and below ten bucks!


These are just some of the more affordable places where you can enjoy equally delicious food without breaking the bank. Ask your local unimates where their favourite haunts are, you’ll never know what hidden gems you might discover!

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