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The basics
Australia: Applying to University

Pakistani students applying to an Australian university

Practical advice for Pakistani students applying to study in Australia

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Australia is one of the most beautiful places to study in the world. Aside from natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru, there are also over 370 species of mammal and 828 of bird and 80% of the animals, plants and frogs in Australia can be found no-where else in the world. So what are you waiting for? Sign up to a university in Australia today and get exploring!


Why study in Australia?

Australia is one of the world’s leaders in creativity and innovation throughout all of its universities. International students that move to Australia tend to find that the education system is challenging but enjoyable and worth it. What’s more, Australia is a friendly country where you can expect to live, grow and do things you’ve never done before; whether that be seeing a kangaroo for the first time or diving into the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef – the possibilities are endless! International students are also able to work part time whilst they study making for a sustainable standard of living.


If you choose to study in Australia you will immediately come to realise that the quality of scientific research is extremely high; the country is at the forefront of new technology and innovation. Institutions in Australia also offer a significant amount of varied course and degrees so Pakistani students will have no problem finding a course that suits them.


How to apply and entry requirements

Before you apply to university in Australia you must ensure that you have the correct requirements – only then will you be considered.


Pakistani students who have studied (or are studying) for their higher secondary school certificate must score a specific score depending on what they wish to apply for. For example, if you intend to apply for biomedical science at the University of Queensland then you must have scored above 65 in your exams. The requirement for health and medical degrees is significantly higher in most cases then, for example, business and humanitarian subjects. For a comprehensive list of minimum expectations for the University of Queensland please visit their website. For details on entry requirements for other institutions it’s best to visit a university’s official website.


In order to gain access to an academic program in Australia you must show that you have the appropriate level of English language skills. You can do this by scoring at least 6.5 overall and a minimum of 6.0 in each sub-band of the international English Language Testing System (IELTS) or a test equivalent to this. Depending on the university you apply to your English language test results may vary, but the scores listed above is what you should be aiming for.  


If you intend to apply for a postgraduate course in Australia then you must have an excellent academic track record in the form on a bachelors degree from a recognized university. If you have work experience in the specific subject that you are applying to then this will also be considered in your application. Finally, a post-grad student must ensure that they have at least one year’s worth of experience in the field they plan to study in.


Applying to the university of your choice as an undergraduate is simple - all you have to do is head online!  Once you have decided on the undergraduate program that you wish to study check that you meet all the entry and English language proficiency requirements, and that the application deadline has not passed. Every single university in Australia has a website and on that website you can find out information about applications. In most cases, you can even find the application form on the front page of the international student’s page. We told you applying was easy!



Deadlines vary from institution to institution but the general rule of thumb is to apply for your places as quickly as you can. Places at all universities go extremely quickly, and it would be a good idea to begin searching for your university a year in advance. This will allow you enough time to pick a course that is right for you as well as leave you enough time to apply for your student study visa.


The University of Sydney’s website explicitly states its deadline dates. Semester 1 starts on the 29th February 2016 and the closing dates for international applications are the last Friday of October (for semester 1) and the last Friday of April (for semester 2 which begins 27th July). At the University of Melbourne the closing date for applications is late December (semester 1) and the 31st May (semester 2).


It is generally advised that you should begin the application process a few months before the application deadline. There are several reasons for this: applying for a visa can take up to fifteen weeks (12 weeks usually) to complete, especially if there are complications; and so it is advised that you leave yourself enough time to comfortably apply for both a university and a visa. Furthermore, choosing the perfect university can take a very long time, so again, we advise that you begin the process sooner rather than later.


If you need further information on deadline dates it is best to visit the university’s websites.



If you have decided to apply to university in Australia then make sure you find the institution that is right for you. Australia is an extraordinary island and is home to some of the most interesting and unique cultures in the world. For a Pakistani student this would be a fantastic place to study and if you have scored highly in the international English language tests, and have done well in your 12th year at school then start applying to your Australian university of choice now!


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