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Spotlight: Macquarie University

We tell you everything you need to know about studying at Macquarie University in Sydney

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Macquarie University in Sydney, New South Wales, is home to thousands of international students, including Pakistanis. The library’s beautiful post-modern architecture and the natural wonder of the university’s lake are just two examples of what makes Macquarie a wonderful place to undertake your higher education. There is absolutely no doubt that in a city as beautiful and technologically advanced as Sydney, Macquarie University itself is an extraordinary place to live – oh! And before I forget; the university’s standard of education is extremely high too!


What you need to know about Macquarie University

Macquarie University is located in the suburbs of Macquarie Park and was the third university to be established in Sydney when it opened in the early 1960s. The university was built to sustain the increasing number of Australian youths who were looking to enter into higher education. The university opened with only 510 students but rapid expansion in the number of courses offered meant that student numbers and the size of the university increased extremely quickly.


Coupled with the low costs and a high standard of living, Australia, and Sydney in particular, began to see a rise in the number of international students who came to study at the country’s top universities. As a result, Macquarie’s University is Australia’s number one modern university and is ranked number 1 in Australia, and 16th in the world according to the QS World University Rankings.


It’s important to note that if you are a Pakistani student looking to apply to Macquarie University, you need not worry about the number of other international students you will meet. Out of 38,000 students at Macquarie University, almost 11,500 (10,000 from Asia) of them are international students who were coming to study from abroad.

Macquarie University boasts a beautiful campus


Strongest fields of study at Macquarie’s University

There are currently 35 departments at Macquarie University; there are separated into the following five faculties: Art, Business and Economics, Sciences, Engineering and Medicine and Health.  


In 2015, the art and humanitarian degrees at the university ranked 67th in the Times Higher Education rankings, which makes it one of the most impressive in its region. It is even more impressive if it is considered in the Asia-Pacific rankings, where it scored in the top 40 best universities. It is also ranked 14th in the world for environmental sciences and ecology research according to the Times Higher Education ranking system, making it the best university in Australia and New Zealand for that particular discipline.


Regardless of ranking, the most attractive aspect of the university for a Pakistani international student is the high number of exchange programmes offered. In fact, Macquarie University has the largest amount of student exchange programmes in Australia. The campus setting means that the all the university’s non-academic services such as food, retail, sports, recreation, student groups, child care and entertainment are all easily accessible for the anxious international student. If you don’t want to step out of your comfort zone then you don’t have to, but after a few weeks away from home you won’t be nervous anyway – you can take our word for that.


Famous Alumni

There are dozens of notable alumni to come out of Macquarie University and your own name could be there too!


The Australian politician and former Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Jim Soorley, is one of the most successful people to come out of the university, but other notable names include sportsmen and women: Lauren Jackson the Australian basketball player and Ian Thorpe, a successful Australian swimmer, are just two examples of notable Macquarie alumni.


More importantly however, some of the staff at the university are also high profile lecturers who can be considered leaders in their field. For example, Esther Szekeres and Neil Trudinger are both lecturers of mathematics at the university, whilst other alumni staff include Paul Davies, the British-Australian physicist and four times Miles Franklin Award winner, Thea Astley.


The Local Area


The beauty of Australia is that it’s small enough for you to explore in your few years of study there. What’s even better, is that Sydney is even smaller – and there’s a ton to see. Remember, if you do decide to head abroad to study at university, there will always be a Facebook page or a society dedicated to helping you fit in.


From the university campus you are only one and a half hours away from Sydney Harbour National Park. Here, you can go for an iconic nature walk from Bradley’s Head to Chowder Bay, or visit the Bradley Head Amphitheatre or increase your cultural knowledge at Fort Denison. You can also dine at the beautiful Nielsen Park Café at Halbert Pavilion or visit Shark Island. The Harbour is open from sunrise to sunset and as well as guaranteed good weather, it really can provide some breath-taking views. There is no doubt that if you love nature, Australia is the place for you; if you choose to study at Macquarie University, remember, the ocean is at your fingertips.


What if you’re a Pakistani student who wants to move to Australia but is scared they will miss good old Pakistani cuisine? Unfortunately, Sydney is home to a lot of Indian style restaurants, however there is the odd Pakistani cuisine dotted around the city. For example, Himalaya’s Pakistani Restaurant or Lal Quila Restaurant on Cleveland Street will both give you a taste of home! There are also a few Pakistani and Desi supermarkets and shops all over the city for you to choose from.


Entry Requirements

For a Pakistani student’s application to stand a chance you must have completed the first year of a recognised university Bachelor’s degree. Alternatively, you must have a recognised high-school qualification/ pre-tertiary or foundation programme.


Macquarie University recognises foundation programs offered by most Australian universities as well as some approved international programmes.


According to the university’s application page, if your qualification does not fit into the categories stated above, or you are unsure whether you will be accepted, you should still apply anyway! Each application that goes through the admissions team will still be considered regardless of your requirements. You are, however, more likely to succeed with one of the above recognised qualifications.

Think you'd like to study at Macquarie University? Have a look at their courses and you could be studying there before you know it!

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