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Australia: Career Prospects

Where my degree at QUT took me: Revanth Araveti

Revanth from India tells us about how he landed a job at Australia Post after studying at QUT

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What did you study at Queensland University of Technology?

At QUT I completed the Masters in Advanced Information Technology and beforehand I did a Bachelors degree in IT from India.


Tell us about your current job.

I am currently working as Business Analyst for Australia Post. My job involves understanding business needs, investigating processes, identifying problems and delivering IT solutions.


I work as a Process Improvement Specialist understanding complex problem scenarios and providing the client with the right solution to meet their business demands.


Globally, the postal industry is diminishing with the rise in electronic communication. Australia Post is trying to emerge as an e-commerce leader by innovating on various products and services to deliver better value to their customers.

Describe your path towards becoming a business analyst.

In total I have worked in business analysis for about four years. During my Masters at QUT I took up various opportunities with Suncorp and other financial firms to explore a career in this area. Initially after graduating I worked in Australia as a consultant for ANZ Bank in Brisbane. I spent one and half years working for the company before moving to Australia Post in Melbourne.


How do you think your experience and skills gained at QUT helped you secure your new role?

QUT University provided an excellent platform to align towards my new career path. The courses I studied highlighted new advancements in the IT industry to ensure that all students were able to pursue the latest technology relevant to industry.


The QUT Careers and Employment Program brought in industry leaders for lectures and workshops so we could understand what today’s industries are looking for, what their goals are and what they are looking for in graduates entering the job market, which was hugely helpful. 


However, I found that it was not so much the specific courses or units that help you gain entry into the job market, it’s your attitude and approach as well.


What is your long-term plan for your career?

My long-term plan is to move towards a strategic role in my career. I love Australia and also look forward to exploring my career and challenges in different part of the world.


What advice do you have for international students interested in studying the same subject as you? 

My key pieces of advice are to start defining your career goals during university, rather than after you finish and to keep networking and make yourself visible in the market. While it is important to keep up good grades, industry connections, internships, a well written resume, highly developed soft skills and business etiquette will stand you in good stead when starting your career journey. It's never too early to start planning all these things!


What inspires you in your job?

One thing which has always inspired me is being curious and being passionate. You need to be a continuous learner, joining the dots, solving mysteries. In my every day course of work there are always questions, the following investment doesn’t make enough profits, the system is so slow, the process takes time, it's these statements which inspire me to dig deeper to find the why? Once we identify the core problem, things start to make more sense and it becomes easier to find a solution.  


Curiosity and being passionate have always been my inspiration, which has driven me to learn new stuff, be it coffee making, whisky tasting, cooking, crossfit, or IT solutions!


Revanth's tips for being successful:

  • Start defining your career goals during university
  • Network at all opportunities
  • Be a continuous learner
  • Have an impact through every action you undertake
  • Simplify things
  • Be yourself, genuine, honest and prepared to make a difference

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