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4 Things to do in Adelaide

Adelaide has been recently praised in a student survey as a place to live and study even once students have concluded their studies. Find out what you can do in Adelaide for fun and why so many wish to remain there to live...


Adelaide is shaking off some of the negative PR it has received in recent years, with news that current student residents feel safe and would like to remain there once they’ve graduated.

A recent survey by Adelaide Now shows that 65% would like to continue living in the capital city of South Australia, permanently. While there remain some issues in regards to finding adequate off-campus accommodation – an issue throughout Australia which is notoriously not a campus-based culture – it is a marked improvement for the overall image of Adelaide. The respondents to the survey were made up of several key nationalities whom Australia (among others) hope to attract each year to study on their shores, including students from China and India.

Below we share with you four ways to keep you entertained in Adelaide:


Be on the Fringe

Similar to Fringe Festivals in student cities like Edinburgh and Brighton, this is an open cultural festival for artists of all different kinds. If you walk through Adelaide between February and March when the festival runs, you never know what you’ll see; exhibits and events are constantly popping up in every nook and cranny. Meanwhile the festival does what it can to support venues who host acts as well as in pairing up talented individuals with them – so if you’re the theatrical type, consider taking part yourself. There’s a wide range of acts with many options being free, so you won’t have to pay out to see something spectacular (a bonus if you’re a thrifty student without a lot of spare money).


See a cricket match

The Adelaide Oval is one of the premiere venues for cricket in not just Australia, but the world. It has a long history stretching back to the formation of the South Australian Cricket Association in the 1870s, and is the official home of the SACA too. If cricket isn’t your thing, the ground also hosts several other sports such as Australian Rules Football and Rubgy. Like any major sporting venue which attracts huge numbers, there’s a range of options if you’re hungry, whether you’re after a quick bite to eat, or a proper sit-down meal. The Oval is due to undergo major redevelopment in the coming months, so expect further improvements.


Enjoy a glass of vino

Barossa Valley is to Australia what the state of California is to America when it comes to wine-making. Whether you’re a connoisseur of all things wine-related, or you’re just an occasional drinker who watched the film Sideways and looking to expand your cultural pallet, Barossa Valley offers so much in related activities: from wine-tasting to grape-picking, you’ll definitely learn a thing or two to impress friends and family. Even if you’re more of a beer person, the glorious sight of the Valley’s hills as the sun sets and a good book are a tranquil combination.


Swim with the sharks (literally)

If you’re looking for a sense of excitement – or even sheer terror – go shark cage diving south of Adelaide. This is the perfect choice for adrenaline junkies, who’ve exhausted their other options to test their mettle/cripple themselves at home. If you can get over the massive teeth which can tear you to pieces, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience which will ensure you have the most spectacular Facebook profile picture out of all your friends.


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