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The basics
Australia: Destination Guides

Getting to know Australians

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Going to Australia to further your studies? Check out some of the misconceptions people have when we think of Australians. This will help you understand Australians better.

Lying sun-bronzed on the beach

We’ve always been bombarded with images of women in sexy bikinis getting a tan on the beach and we can’t help it but to think that surely, that pretty much sums up the Australian way of life! But, realistically, things are a little different and less rosy. Of course you can still fire up the barbie when the sun’s out and lie on the beach, but that’s only possible when you’re finished with assignments, lectures, part time work and more assignments. So if you’re thinking of studying in Australia because you look forward to endless hours of having fun, it’s time for a reality check.

Australians are brash and backwards

We stereotype Australians as people who love drinking and are sometimes crude. That’s far from the truth! Australians are humorous – they are sarcastic and a little self-deprecating with very approachable characters. They’re a great bunch of people to hang out with. It’s important to understand that humour is a key part of Australian culture and all that sarcasm don’t mean any harm.

They throw caution to the wind

Australians may seem laidback with no regards to the future. Yes, they’re spontaneous, crazy and love living in the moment, but those are good qualities. Studying among people like these may help with your stress levels, especially when you’re feeling pressured with all the deadlines. Pick some tips from your Australian friends on how to chill and strike a balance between study and play.  

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