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Research strengthens Australian universities

Australian universities are showing how more investment in research can bring fruitful results. How can you become part of it? Hotcourses Abroad reports.

Science research Australia

During the few last years, Australian universities have shown evidence on how research positively influences their rankings in the world. In 2010 alone, Australian universities and research organisations generated a record AUS$1.3 billion (US$1.38 billion) from the commercialisation of their research activities in 2010. How can you, as a postgraduate student, become part of this? Hotcourses Abroad expands on the topic.

To everyone’s surprise, Australian universities’ research accounted for two-thirds of the income from commercialisation of public-sector research in 2010, money that came from contracts, consultancies and related agreements.

The strengthening of the research sector has been part of universities’ initiative to attract talent from across the globe. With University of Melbourne in 25th place and University of Sydney in 35th place in the QS top university rankings, traditional destinations for researchers such as the US and the UK are being challenged by the new proposals.

This initiative however, has not been limited to experienced professors only. It has involved research fellows, Post-docs, Master and PhD students from across all disciplines, who benefit from the experience and enrich their CV for their future career.

Having this experience not only shows initiative and willingness to go the extra mile, but also shows teamwork and self-motivation.


So, how can you become part of a research group?

Universities usually have research groups that support themselves with university funding and consultancies that they secure externally. They all have different research focus and could become your first job if you work hard. You can become part of them by:

1. Find out more about what the research group does: either read up on the faculty on their website where you will usually see their full name and a list of their publications.

2. If you know of any papers published by them, read them attentively and find out more about their methodology. You can get free access to journals from your university (or Google Scholar generally can help).

3. Emailing professors and seeing them directly may also help. Contact the professor in charge and ask them if you can join. You can send them a bold, professional email with your CV and reasons why you want to become part of their team; or just try to go and see them when they're no busy, no matter how intimidating this might feel.

4. Almost like applying for a job, you will need to show a strong interest for the topic and academic commitment. You will have to undertake research alongside your academic workload, so you need to ensure your tutors that you will be able to manage it. Think of examples where you have previously demonstrated the ability to multi-task.

5. Also, try looking at internships in companies: this is highly recommended for those who are interested in getting into research immediately after university. However, your GPA, experience, and who you know become a lot more important if you are looking to obtain professional research experience.

6. If you are about to graduate, you still have the career services department at your university. They can advise you about where to start.



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