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Australia: Latest News

Singapore in top 10 countries sending students to Australia

Australia, popular study destination for Singaporean

Many of us wish that we can study overseas. However, there a few setbacks that have prevented some from getting that wish. Other than financial issues, our fear of being in a foreign land alone might have caused some of us to rethink our plans of studying overseas.

However, there are some who are determined to pursue their higher degree overseas and have tried to circumvent their feeling of homesickness by searching for locales that provide the comforts of home. According to an Open Doors report, one of such locales is Australia. Even though Singapore is a tiny island with a population of around 5 million, it is the 7th top country in the world which sends its citizens down under.

Popular Field of Studies

The Institute of International Education has also listed down the field of studies that Singapore students usually go for when they study in Australia. About a quarter of Singaporeans students in Australia are taking courses in Business and Management. The different degree programmes offered in the social sciences are the next most popular field of study taken up by Singapore students in Australia. Degrees offering future careers in the health industry are the third most popular field of study taken up by Singapore students in Australia.

Level of Study

According to the Open Doors report, most Singaporean students in Australia are pursuing a degree in the country. Additionally, there are also a sizeable number of students flying off to Australia to pursue a postgraduate degree.

At home

Due to a high number of Singaporean students studying in Australia, there are a lot of student associations across the nations. Most of these associations are based in the universities, for example, there are the University of Sydney’s Singapore Students Society, University of Queensland Singapore Students Society, La Trobe University Singapore Students Society and more. As such, you will be able to make local friends abroad!

Additionally, you do not have to fear that you will not be able to find Singapore food overseas. There are a lot of restaurants, bistros and cafes around Australia to satiate your craving for Singapore food. For example, if you are studying at Central Queensland Institute of TAFE, you can travel to Little Singapore at McCullough Street to have a delicious Malay meal.

Finding the right Australian university

Australia is home to hundreds of educational institutions. However, not all the institutions suit your needs. Click on our ‘Study in Australia’ tab to find out more about the different courses and institutions present in the nation. After that, you can download the prospectuses of different Australian universities from our website as well to check whether the institutions fit your requirement. You can also look at the different ranking systems to see how Australian universities fair vis-à-vis other higher learning institutions in the world. We recommend you to look at the Times Higher Education Ranking and the Shanghai World University Ranking. Have fun searching for your ‘second home’!

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