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Australia: Latest News

UC to build on international numbers with new government funding

Find out why Canberra, the Australian capital, is an excellent destination for students from abroad.

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The University of Canberra has received government funding of $2 million to promote themselves as an international study destination.

In an attempt to reverse recent federal cuts to their budget, the influx of funds will help the University market themselves to students in China and India, where facilities are not available to serve the emerging middle class.

Vice-chancellor Professor Stephen Parker expressed a desire to build on the substantial number of international students in Canberra, as well as the country as a whole.

Parker noted that one of those strategies would include ‘a really good website with video and social media attached to it, so that anyone interested in coming to Canberra can get a real insight’.

So what does Canberra offer, and what might be featured on said website and social media? Below we suggest a few things:



While cities like Sydney or Perth might spring to mind when you think about Australia, Canberra is actually the capital. The origins of the city go back to just over a hundred years ago, when Sydney and Melbourne compromised over who should be the nation’s capital – something which would intrigue the History buffs among you. Like many capital cities, Canberra is home to the nation’s National Gallery and War Memorial, among other significant landmarks and attractions.



Being home to Parliament House and the High Court, Canberra is the epicentre for Politics in Australia. There really is no better place to study such a subject in Australia than Canberra. Not only are you connected to where the country has come from through those attractions and landmarks mentioned above; but you are truly in the middle of major political developments as they develop. If you are Politics student, you have many opportunities readily available to you to gain real working experience, aside from your course.


City layout

Canberra was exceptionally-planned when it was being constructed, with every detail thought about in advance. Lake Burley Griffin –named after one of the American architects who designed the city – lies at the heart of Canberra, providing an excellent spot for families and young people. It sums up the city quite well, in that Canberra – with a population of under 330,000 – possesses the advantages of a larger city, but with a more relaxed way of life.


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