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Australia: Once you arrive

10 things for homesick Canadian students to do in Australia

A list of things to do in Australia as a Canadian student missing home


While studying abroad is an exciting prospect, it’s hard not to miss home when you’re so far away. In order to take the edge off, we have compiled a list of 10 things to do in Australia when you’re feeling homesick for Canada, including sports, restaurants and cultural activities:


1. Join a hockey team

Photo: Sydney Ice Arena 

In Australia, hockey is a big sport. You can even play ice hockey. Why don’t you check out the Sydney Ice Arena and join one of their leagues? The arena hosts a regular Sunday Night Social League, a Thursday Night League and a Sydney Ice Hockey League. If you prefer to watch, spectators can do so for free with hot food and drinks served in the café.


2. Eat at Lord of the Fries

Photo: Lord of the Fries 

Opened by a Canadian, Lord of the Fries in Melbourne and Sydney serves Canadian inspired food and delicious milkshakes. Whether you feel like a burger or just a portion of fries, the menu will satisfy your cravings for home. Try the Poutine Burger or The French Canadian fries.


3. Go snowboarding or skiing

Photo: Ski & Snowboard Australia

While Australia doesn’t immediately strike you as a country with impressive slopes, you’d be surprised. During the winter, Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania are all popular destinations for snow sports.


4. Go surfing

Photo: Surfing Australia

If you’d rather stick to the slopes at home, why don’t you try Australia’s national equivalent, surfing? Queensland is a very popular area for surfers, with a huge amount of beaches to choose from. If you need some inspiration, you could even watch a tournament. In the Gold Coast, you can watch the Quiksilver Pro tournament. At Bells Beach, Victoria, you’ll find the Rip Curl Pro competition.


5. Drink at The Kodiak Club

Photo: The Kodiak Club


Heralded ‘the only Kodiak you’ll ever want to approach’, The Kodiak Club in Melbourne is a firm favourite for Canadians in Australia. With great bar snacks like wings, ribs, burgers and poutine as well, you’ll have plenty to accompany your A&W Root Beer float.


6. Host a Canadian night

Photo: "O Canada" Food and Gear

With websites such as OCanada.com.au available, your home comforts are only a few clicks away. Invite your Australian friends round to watch a hockey game and knock back some Caesars, and give them your taste of Canada.


7. Alternatively, go out and watch a game!

Photo: Hockey Night in Sydney 

If you don’t fancy playing host, head to a bar for some live sports. More information on the best places to go can be found here. http://vancouvercanucks.com.au/where-to/watch-canucks-games/


8. Join your university’s Canadian society








All kinds of societies are available at Australian universities, and most will have their very own Canadian society. If you miss your friends and family, why not be with a whole group of people who feel exactly the same? After all, being homesick together is better than being homesick alone. If your university doesn’t have one, create one!


9. Connect with other Canucks online

Photo: Expats Blog

If you want to get a Canadian opinion on life in Australia, where to go and what to do, check out the Canadian expats in Australia blog, where people in situations similar to yours share their experiences. http://www.expatsblog.com/portal/canadian/in/australia


10. Head to a film festival

Possible Worlds annual film festival in Sydney is dedicated to bringing the best new independent films from the US and Canada to the people of Australia. What’s more, this year, they intend to run a series of year-round screenings so that you don’t have to wait for the official festival to get started on some Canadian culture. Check it out here. http://www.possibleworlds.net.au/

With these activities available in Australia, being away from home needn’t be so bad. While you can’t connect with family, you can introduce your university family to your experiences from home, so it doesn’t feel so far away. 


What are you waiting for? Start your study abroad adventure in Australia today!


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